Day Trip to Pisa

Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni

Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni

Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni


Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni, leaning tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni

Bonjorno my cyber flâneurs. Getting a bit tired of the cold weather over here and as we are all ready to pack and say goobbye to the winter
blues, I have created a 4 part series of my travels to Italy. If you want to visit Northern Italy and you are debating which season to go, I
would highly recommend spring time. I have been both during the spring and summer time, and by far my spring trip was much better. Summers get too hot, humid and overcrowded. First up of the 4 part series is Pisa. I’ve spoken with many friends and we are all in agreement that a day trip to Pisa is sufficient. Rumours are true, there is not much to do there other than visit the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli. But I always say you can find a little bit of heaven in each place you visit.

Anyone planning a trip to Italy soon?



  1. Zanna's Sky
    March 5, 2015 /

    Great pictures! I have actually never been to Pisa, though I've loved all my other trips to Italy!! I agree spring it totally the time to go–the tourist throng in summer just isnt worth it :)-Zanna

  2. Drea L
    March 6, 2015 /

    Agreed that one day is enough in Pisa, maybe even just a half day. Beautiful pictures!

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