How To Host the Perfect Valentine’s Day Tea Party

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what a better way to celebrate at home with an afternoon tea party for your kids or the one’s you share your home with.  There are so many Valentine’s day afternoon tea ideas you can come up with. I have done hosted a cookie decorating party with one of my bestie’s and I have also hosted a Galentine’s Day Brunch, but this year I thought I would do something just as fun but different. A Victorian-style afternoon tea party has always been my favourite. Deep rose blooms and love-themed details all came together to make the perfect setting to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Read below how to throw the best afternoon tea party for Valentine’s Day in the easiest possible way.

What You Need For Your Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea Table Setting 

What makes your Valentine’s Day party is a beautiful table display. The tableware is very important for your Valentine’s afternoon tea party. You want everyone to feel like royalty, even if it is for a couple of hours which is why I love using fancy teacups. I went the traditional route of floral teacups and I added a Japanese teapot for a more laid back vibe. Your tableware doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy. I wanted to pull off a mix of both fancy and tastefully simple pieces. I went with really fancy teacups, but then brought down the seriousness of the affair by adding the Japanese teapot, and skipped the three-tiered cake stand for three individuals stands instead. For a less crowded table and having just as a beautiful display of all the sandwiches and cakes together opt for a three-tiered cake stand.

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Don’t Forget About The Centerpiece

Add something pretty as the center of the table. For my table set up, I used the waffle cake as the focus. You can either have your cake as a centerpiece or you can even use an antique teapot or oversized teacup to fill it up with flowers and use it as a vase. There are so many ways to get creative with your centerpiece for a beautiful Valentine’s Day tea party.

Galentine's Day afternoon tea party table setup inspirationWhich Teas Should You Serve at a Tea Party?

You can’t have a tea party without tea!  You want to give your guests some variety to choose from since the tea is the most important element of your party. Different types of teas with a variety of flavours complement differently each item on your food menu. Below are the most popular choices for tea for an afternoon tea party.

Black teas: The most popular black tea worldwide is Early Grey and also one of my favourites to drink and serve. This tea pairs well with afternoon tea sweets. Another classic afternoon tea is Darjeeling which pairs well with afternoon tea foods. which is known fr its bold flavour. If your guests prefer a tea with floral notes and a lighter flavour, definitely include Orange Pekoe on your serving tray.

Green teas: Green tea has a vegetative flavor to it. Green teas with fruity notes, which have a sweeter flavor, work really well when paired with fruit salads or fruit-filled pastries and scones.

Mint Tea For Caffeine-Free Guests: Peppermint tea is the most common mint tea in the U.S and a popular choice for those that prefer drinking caffeine-free teas. Mint teas pair well with finger sandwiches, chocolates, and fruity sweets, which I included on my dessert table.

What Food To Serve at Your Valentine’s Day Tea Party

Another important aspect of throwing a Valentine’s Day tea party is the menu and what you will be serving your guests. When you think of afternoon tea, I am sure the first thing that comes to mind is the cute finger sandwiches, delicious treats, and scones with jam. For my Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea Party I skipped the finger sandwiches and went for desserts instead. I wanted a dessert afternoon tea party to indulge in a delicious, sweet experience. I included a waffle cake I made, cookies, mini fruit cakes, and of course biscuits and jam. You can bake, or buy your desserts, just make sure you have enough options.

What Decorations You Need For An Afternoon Tea Party

Decorations are always my favourite part of styling a party, also this is one of the elements where you can have a lot of fun with. You don’t really need to come up with Valentine’s Day tea party theme. You can go all out with love-themed items or you can keep it simple yet festive. If you find one piece you love and then build around it, it will be easy to bring the whole decor together. I focused my decor around the floral teacups and from there I brought in accents and colour palettes that coordinated well with them. For decorations around the table, I kept it simple with a lace garland, then added a garland of roses to add some colour and depth. If you have a tight budget and don’t want to spend money on flowers, opt for a fake planter instead just to add some freshness to the table. An extra touch I wanted to add was handwritten Valentine’s Day cards. A simple way to show your friends and family depending on whom you are hosting that you care.

Valentine's Day table set up inspiration decor Decorating for a Valentine’s Day Tea Party is super easy and fun. Hope you enjoyed my tips on how to celebrate at home.


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