How To Decorate a White Christmas Tree

Looking for decorating ideas for your winter wonderland white Christmas tree? Decorating a white tree is actually easier than you think, and really fun. I haven’t had a green Christmas tree in over 4 years and it was such a nice change to stir away from the traditional looking tree. I used to be afraid of investing in white tree because of fear of not knowing how to decorate it. Whether you have a white, pink or even pastel blue tree, decorating it can be so fun, especially if you have kids. I also love to create a theme each year for my tree to change things up, but a white Christmas tree never gets boring. The tips below will help you to set up a beautiful white Christmas tree that does not look tacky at all.Make any space a Winter Wonderland with a white artificial Christmas tree. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy.

White Christmas Tree Inspiration For Your Home This Holiday Season

A White Christmas Tree Is Versatile

If your Christmas tree isn’t green, then it’s probably white. We bought our white Christmas tree 4 years ago and I have used it ever since. White is such a versatile color like an empty canvas and your white Christmas tree has the potential to be turned into essentially anything you want.  Since the colour palette of your white tree maintains a bright and open room feel to your living room, white Christmas trees are perfect for small condo places. Your white Christmas tree will create the illusion that your space is actually bigger than it really is.

Decorate Your White Christmas Tree With Neutral Decor

A white Christmas tree is already a bold statement on its own. Your tree already stands out as is, so you may opt for neutral decor. I love a neutral White Christmas tree with a shabby chic elegance and some old glam ornament detailing. I recommend soft pinks, creamy whites, and champagne coloured ornaments. You may even want an all-white Christmas decor with white ornaments, but I recommend having a variety of white shades so that your ornaments do not blend in with the White Christmas tree. This way you will still achieve your neutral look but your winter wonderland tree will be so dreamy.

Decorate Your White Christmas Tree With Colourful Ornaments

Your white Christmas tree will really pop if you choose colourful ornaments. Gold and rose gold ornaments will give your white Christmas tree a luxury and glam look. Colourful ornaments like a white Christmas tree with pink decorations or a white Christmas tree with red decorations will give your Christmas tree a bold, modern look.

Choose A Variety of Textures For Your White Christmas Tree

To really give depth to your white Christmas tree decorate it with ornaments that vary in textures. From feathery garlands to velvety ribbons and glass to matte ornaments, creating a tray of textures on your Christmas tree will come together to bring the holiday cheer to your living room. I recommend using different textures to avoid having a white Christmas tree that looks boring.

Use Ornaments That Are Metal

Metal ornaments are my favourite when decorating a tree, especially a white Christmas tree with gold decorations. Metal ornaments reflect light that will soften the look of your all-white Christmas tree but will also add depth to it. Gold and silver ornaments will look stunning on your all-white Christmas tree and instantly give it a luxury vibe.

Add Unique Ornaments

You have a unique tree, and adding vintage, glam, handmade, or even personalized ornaments will make your tree even more special. Choosing a different colour for your Christmas lights can also make your tree even more unique and take it to a whole different level. If you go with a neutral colour for your ornament decorations you may want to opt for pastel pink or blue lights that will add that pop of colour to your tree. When accessorizing a white-tree don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

White Christmas Tree Decoration Tips. Learn how to create this gorgeous decorated Christmas tree with gold and pastel ornaments! #christmas #decor #lights #ornaments #white #gold #glamThose are all my tips on how to make your white Christmas tree the focal point of your holiday decor. Don’t let Christmas tree decorating ideas overwhelm you because it is easier than you think. You can also check out my post how to style your bookshelf for the holidays.


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    I’ve been wanting to get a white tree for awhile, but always thought it was so hard to decorate! I love how you’ve done yours up! Maybe next year I’ll finally take the plunge !

    Eileen |

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