How To Be The Best Boss To Your Team

Having a good boss changes your whole employment experience. During the years I was at my corporate job, I learned a lot about myself and about others. I learned what good managers and bad managers look like. I learned that you never want to cross paths with a micromanager and I experienced first hand how damaging a passive-aggressive supervisor can be for your well-being. Work environments vary, and so do bosses, but there are certain strategies you can follow to be a great mentor to those surrounding you. Keep reading below how to be the best boss to your team.Top qualities of being a great boss to your team | Bijuleni

Roadmap of the qualities you need to be a great boss

Every Year You Need To Find Your Mantra

Finding your mantra is my number one tip for you to be a great mentor for your team. A powerful mantra will lead your year into a success. How? Every year I find a mantra that defines me and the year I want to lead in both my personal and professional realms. Having a mantra helps you lead your life in a way that reflects your inner boss. Your mantra becomes a mindset that shifts your whole perspective of how you approach experiences and how you react when faced with challenges. My mantra for 2020 was “Invest in yourself”. I took that mantra and led my whole year by it. I invested in myself in any way possible. Another year my mantra was “Not Today Satan”. It sounds funny but that phrase helped me surpass the challenges I was faced with so much ease. It became a mindset that I can get through anything, so my whole dynamic with my team changed as well.

Set Goals, Both Big and Small

Be the best boss by setting goals. Both big and small goals. Both long term and short term goals. Goal setting is important, not only for you as a boss, but for your team too. Setting goals with your team will keep them eager to grow in your company and expand their skills within their role. Most importantly setting goals gives your team targets to strive toward and gives them the opportunity to tap into their inner potential.  Setting expectations doesn’t give you permission to micromanage the process of the work though. Being the best boss doesn’t mean micromanaging because that is the worst thing you can do to your team.

You can also download for free my goal-focused planner if you are not sure where to start.

Don’t Be Too Proud to Apologize When Wrong

A great boss will own their mistakes. If you are confident in what you do and the type of boss you are to your team, you will be quick to admit your mistakes. Understand that mistakes don’t define you as a failure or as a bad boss. Human error happens all the time and admitting your mistakes as opposed to putting the blame on your team is what makes you a strong, respectable mentor. The number one quality of a bad boss is to not being accountable of their mistakes.

Empower & Inspire Your Team

An important quality of a great boss is empowering your team. You may be a great boss, but it all starts with your team. If you can’t inspire your team to continue to bring their best selves forward then you’re doomed. When you’re running a business, your team is your most valuable asset to ensure your brand’s success. When your employees aren’t feeling motivated you start to see reduced productivity, lower levels of output, and shortcomings in reaching company goals.  The importance here is to connect with your employees on a human level. Yes, they work for you and they are expected to be on their A-game, but can you spot those days when your employees are having a rough day? Those are the days you need to empower them the most especially now when everyone’s mental health is not at its greatest.

A Great Boss Will Offer and Be Open To Receive Feeback

If you are expecting your team to be better and do better, give them feedback. What I wish my boss knew is that I am not a mind reader.  Expecting your team to do things differently with no clear direction or objective feedback is counterproductive. In today’s employment market, employees want to grow and receive the necessary feedback so they can improve their performance.  Check-in with your team bi-weekly, monthly, whichever you consider necessary, but do have those chats regularly. Be accessible for your team, and always give constructive criticism. Do not instill fear, but rather create an openness so they can come to you with problems and solutions at any given time.

As a boss, you should also be open to receiving feedback from your team. Feedback is beneficial to both sides and having an ongoing conversation is important for your own growth, your business’s success, and your employees’ productivity. Don’t perceive being given feedback as an employee undermining their boss. No matter how aware you are of your surroundings, being a positive boss and welcoming to feedback is key for team morale.

A Good Boss Always Supports Her Team

Employees want to create an impact and a positive change to your business. Employees love to be part of implementing new ideas and bringing meaningful growth to the company they work for. Supporting your employees when they challenge themselves will consequently lead to them performing better. If the ideas don’t fit with the scope of work right now, have a discussion, be positive, and make your employee feel appreciated for being proactive and thinking ahead.

Not every great boss will check off each quality on the list. But if you are wondering how you will be respected as a boss, I can guarantee you that having these traits is key. Are there any qualities you value in a great boss that I missed? Drop your thoughts below.



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