5 Easy Tips for Styling Your Holiday Bar Cart

Holiday bar cart? Check! I have always wanted to add a cocktail bar cart to our living room. Every home needs one, especially if you love to entertain. I have been looking to find the perfect cocktail bar for the longest time, and if you are looking for one too, you know there are tons of options out there, but most of them are just way too big in size. I finally found this gold leaf bar cart and I couldn’t be happier with it. It instantly elevated the look of our space. It’s one of my favorite pieces in our living room, and I love the vintage yet modern feel it has to it. Bar carts are so fun! Especially during the holidays. You are probably wondering how to style yours, but it’s super easy to style and change up depending on the season. Also, a great solution to making an empty corner pretty. Since there are so many options in stores I guarantee that you can find one that suits your decor style perfectly. Below are 5 easy tips how to style your bar cart like a pro for the holidays.How to Style your holiday bar cart for Christmas- Bijuleni

5 Easy Tips for Styling Your Holiday Bar Cart - Bijuleni with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy

1. Consider Where You Want To Place Your Holiday Bar Cart

If you live in a small condo like me, then you are probably looking for cocktail cart ideas that fit small spaces. I love the cocktail bar cart we picked up because it is on a smaller scale, and perfect for an apartment. It is functional yet discrete. I could have gone with a bigger size that fitted more items in it, but if you live in a small space then you know every little free corner makes a huge difference. Before styling your bar cart you need to think about where it will go. What spot in your house or apartment do you love to entertain in? You want your bar cart to be visible but not in the way of other things, plus make it easy to serve your drinks. I placed ours in our living room and in most cases, this is the best spot in your home especially during the holidays. Where you hang out the most in your home, that’s where you want your bar cart to be in.

2. Don’t Overcrowd Your Bar Cart

Keep your decor simple so your cocktail cart display looks clean. If you want to create a unique setup, don’t overcrowd it with all the cocktail mixing essentials or with tons of alcohol.  If you are making cocktails you probably need lots of tools, but that doesn’t mean your bar cart needs to have all of the tools on it. Keep some of the tools in your cupboards and bring them out only as needed when you have guests over. If you decide you want all your mixing tools on it, find a set that nicely displays all the tools in an organized manner. Same with alcohol. Only add some liquor or a decanter like I did. It’s key to keep your bar cart pretty and not overcrowded with tons of items.

How To Style Your Bar Cart For the Holidays - Bijuleni

3. Add Holiday Themed Accessories

Another bar cart essential for the holidays is to create a festive vibe. Think about the theme you want to create. Since our bar cart is gold I went with a retro-glam vibe, so I styled it accordingly. I wanted to keep the styling minimal so I went with these beautiful bottlebrush Christmas trees I picked up from HomeSense. How cute are these? I lined them all up at the back of the bar cart, to keep the look clean and simple. If you want a winter wonderland theme too, the options are endless. Don’t fall into the trap of doing the typical green and red colour palette. Have fun with it and think outside of the box!

4. Think Outside The Box

Your bar cart should be styled as if it is a multifunctional surface because it is. Don’t confine it to be just a bar cart for your liquor. You can also have a bar cart without alcohol on it. Dress it up with items that go beyond your typical bar cart accessories like glasses and liquor. I added a cake stand and placed my favourite lemon poppyseed muffins for guests to grab when over. I also placed some fun, holiday dessert plates and leopard-themed napkins to break up the gold and pastel theme a bit.

5 Easy Tips for Styling Your Holiday Bar Cart - Bijuleni 5 Easy Tips for Styling Your Holiday Bar Cart - Bijuleni

5. Make The Surrounding Area Fun

It is not just about the cocktail cart. You want to make the surrounding area of your space fun too. You can place your bar cart close to the Christmas tree, or tuck away in the corner. Regardless of where you place it ensure it fits in with the rest of the decor, make it feel inviting. Since my theme is a bit of retro-glam I added the felt gingerbread house next to the bar cart to add some depth to the setup. If you are also looking to add some more festive decor around the house check out my tips how to style your bookshelf during the holidays.

Those are all my tips on how to style your cart. Remember you can always change up your styling and make it look different every season. Have fun with it and don’t overthink it.


*Items in this post were kindly gifted to me by HomeSense. All opinions and holiday ideas are my own.


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