3 Easy Ways To Dress Down A Cocktail Dress

There are so many easy ways to make the most of your dressy dresses. My worst pet peeve is buying an occasion dress and always waiting for the next wedding or fancy event to wear the dress to. To save money and make the most of that sparkly dress that has been sitting in your closet for months now, I am sharing how you can style your fancy, cocktail dress to wear it everyday. From going out and running errands or meeting friends for a casual catch up, dresses are super versatile. So how do you dress down a fancy dress to wear it everyday? Read below 3 easy steps you can follow to make the most out of your cocktail dresses.

How to Dress Down a Dressy DressWays To Dress Down A Cocktail Dress How To Dress Down a Tull Dress to Casual

1 | Add a Layer Over Or Under Your Dress To Make It Casual

I love layers, and the easiest way to dress down your dress, and transform it in the simplest possible way is to add a jacket or a cardigan over it. You can also easily add a blouse underneath it if you want to make it look even more casual. This is the easiest way to transform your dress to have a more relaxed vibe for a casual brunch with your girlfriends or even wearing it at the office.Ways To Dress Down a formal tulle dress

2 | Wear More Casual Shoes

Another quick and easy way to dress down your cocktail dress is to change your shoes. Go from a fancy pair of heels to your favourite sneakers or flats. Not only you will be a lot more comfortable, but the casual vibe of your shoes will also instantly bring down the dressy tone of your tulle dress. I opted for my favorite blush strap flats to achieve a more casual street style vibe. Keep in mind though that I still wanted to preserve the girly look to fit in with the tull dress. If you are wondering how to make your cocktail dress even more casual, wear your favourite white sneakers instead. Cambridge Satchel - Dressing Down a Cocktail Dress

3 | Change Your Handbag

It is all about the accessories when it comes to dressing down your cocktail dress and being able to wear it during the day while you are out and about. To give the look a more relaxed feel, and to complete the look, I added my Cambridge Satchel. The handbag plays a huge role in bringing the look together and stripping away the fanciness of your dress. I love the Satchel because it is super casual yet elegant. Again, going back to keeping the overall feel of the look feminine and classy. If you want you can also add a mini leather backpack, or a tote bag which is also casual but practical.3 Easy Ways To Dress Down A Cocktail DressSuper affordable Chanel Inspired Tweed Pearl Purse

Can you wear a fancy dress everyday? Yes! Those were my three easy ways to style a fancy dress more casually, so you can wear it anytime you want. Check out my post  What To Wear To a Fall Engagement Party as a Guest



  1. 2023/08 /

    Love the pictures! Also the dresses, you look beautiful! XOXO

  2. Pam
    2023/09 /

    Exactly what I thought…I’m wearing a lace navy dress to a day party, but will use nude heels, and a camel tote bag to bring it down to a more casual look. Thanks for confirming!

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