8 Must-Have Pool Accessories for Summer

Having a Greek background, there is nothing I love more than being outdoors and feeling the sun on my skin (always wear sunscreen though). The sun is out and what a better way to spend a hot summer afternoon than by the pool. Accessorizing for the pool is one of my favourite things during summer. The accessories are fun, vibrant and an instant mood changer. If you have a pool, here are 8 must-have pool accessories you need to have the coolest pool setup for yourself, your kids or even your friends.

8 Must-Have Pool Accessories For Summer

1 | Adorable Floaties for Pool

No pool party is complete without some floaties for you and your family to enjoy. Being in the pool is fun, but adding a floatie in the pool is even better. HomeSense has some amazing options and varieties for inflatables depending on the size of your pool as well as the size of your garden. I picked up this gorgeous white swan and a more traditional float shaped like a bottle of rose wine.  So fun! Foam noodles are also a great addition to your pool if you prefer something more low-maintenance. Adorable floaties for the pool are a must-have accessory because they add so much character to the space and to your outdoor fun. Just make sure you have enough for everyone because next thing you know everyone will be fighting over who is getting the swan next.

2 | Colourful Towels

You can’t be at the pool without a towel.  You need a towel for obvious reasons like drying off, but I love laying out a towel or two on the lawn to soak up the sun. HomeSense has some amazing styles and prints all for under $20. I also found some adorable ones for the kiddos. Adding towels with vibrant and fun prints is a simple way to bring some colour to your pool accessory game.

3 | A Speaker To Get The Music Playing

Although sometimes I love soaking up the sun in silence, nothing beats having a mini outdoor speaker to play your favourite tunes. Especially when you are having friends over for a pool party a speaker is a must! Outdoor speakers are inexpensive and quite versatile as you can easily use them indoors once winter comes around or even take them to your next camping trip. I love a pool accessory that can be used everywhere.

4 | Stylish Serveware

You got the floats, you got the music, now all you need is to quench your thirst with a delicious cocktail. If you don’t have some already, invest in a few summer themed cocktail glasses and other drink-making essentials like a shaker and tropical themed stir sticks. For the pool, I recommend you opt for plastic or melamine serveware as it is the safest way to go and won’t shatter if they get dropped by accident, especially when kids are around. If you are having friends over and want to elevate your pool game, this 5 set cocktail serveware set is a pool accessory must. It was also under $25, so really a steal. Drinking out of a cute summer glass just makes the experience so much more fun.

5 | Tropical Tray For Serving

Keep all those drink ingredients and glasses on a fun bamboo tray by the pool. A tray with a little bit of flair is another must-have pool accessory that will make your life so much easier. I find usually whomever jumps out of the pool first is always the one to refill everyone’s drinks, so if you have a tray you just quickly grab it and refill everyone’s drinks. My tray has the cutest vibrant blue pompom trim around and it just adds that little extra detail that brings your pool decor together.

6 | A Versatile Mini Table

If you don’t want to splurge on a mini table, this straw fringe “table” is actually a storing basket that I placed upside down to turn it into a table. It was just $29 and I think it makes a beautiful, tropical addition to the setting without breaking the bank. I love getting creative with my pool accessories. For snacking on fruit and light bites, HomeSense has the most adorable summer themed plastic plates.

7 | A  Straw Bag

I always like to bring to the pool my straw bag with all the beauty essentials for the pool, so I don’t have to go back and forth inside the house. From sunscreen, to cleaning wipes for the kids, to even some first aid items in case a bee stings the kiddos etc.  You can never be prepared enough.

8 | Outdoor Pillows

As I mentioned before I love laying my towel down on the grass instead of the loungechair, so soft outdoor pillows for me are a must-have pool accessory. Adding a few throws and fun print accent pillows to your poolside space helps to bring the decor together. I picked up a couple of outdoor pillows from HomeSense, and they are always great because their fabrics are sun-resistant and can withstand getting wet with no issues. I got both of these for under $50. The ones I have from last year are still in great condition as well.

That is my must-have list with my top 8 pool must-have cute accessories. HomeSense has tons of other accessories so make sure to check it out. If you are looking to host a pool party with your girlfriends, or how to entertain in your small patio condo I also have a guide of some guidelines.

What are some of your must-have pool accessories?


Photography: Laura Clarke Photography



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