10 Things To Do in Florence in 2 Days

Bijuleni - 10 things to do in Florence. Italy in 2 days

My top 10 things to do in Florence, Italy, was one one of my favourite to do lists. Florence during spring is beautiful and one of my favourite destinations. If you are looking for a destination to awaken your senses, and most importantly do you love old buildings and visiting museums with exquisite paintings, you will not be disappointed when you visit Florence.  The landscapes are as green as it gets with yellow wildflowers, the colours are vibrant and the city is not too overcrowded with tourists. When I visited Florence, I only had 2 days to explore it, so I made sure I had my check off list with 10 things to do while there.  A small tip for everyone when traveling- check hours of operation of the museums or any other galleries to ensure they are open when you are planning on visiting. All in all, I would love to go back to Tuscany and experience the culture more. But till then, if you are planning on visiting Florence and only have 2 days to spare, here are my suggestions for things to do.

10 Things to do in Florence in 2 days 

1. Explore Palazzo Vecchio. Visit super early in the morning. Line ups are insane.

2. Eat Gelato, like everyday. Highly recommend Gelateria dei Neri, Venchi, La Carraia

3. Climb up the 463 stairs of the Duomo to see a panoramic view of Florence.

4. Visit San Lorenzo Market – amazing leather goods are a great price.

5.Walk along Arno River and cross Ponte Vecchio.

6. Take an afternoon stroll through the Boboli Gardens.

7. For all the fashionistas, visit the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo

8. Michaelangelo who? Take a picture with David (replica) in Piazza della Signoria

9. If you love art, then you know “The Birth of Venus”. Visit Uffizi Gallery for a close up of the famous painting and many more.

10.Have an aperitif.


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    i dream of gelato dei neri! amazing.

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