5 Rules to Help You Pack Less and Travel Light

Bijuleni - Traveling Light: 5 Rules to Help You Pack Less

Bijuleni - Traveling Light: 5 Rules to Help You Pack Less

5 rules to help pack less and travel light has been a life saver. Half of the time I am travelling I wear the same thing over and over again, even though I have a suitcase full of options. I recently found the joy of packing less and travelling light. What really helped me to pack less and travel light is having a concrete strategy about what I am going to pack and sticking to it. Below are my 5 rules about packing less and travelling less.

One Top Per Day

I usually do one top per day for travel that is less than 1 week, and one top for every other day when traveling 1.5 weeks or more. You don’t want to end up packing too many tops. I usually mix it up with different designs; casual tees, dressy blouses, transitional tops to go from day to night.

2 Bottoms, 2 Dresses for Each Week of Travel

For the bottoms I like to pack different options: boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, pantalones or trousers, shorts (if it’s summer), a skirt. If I am going somewhere warm I usually pack more dresses than bottoms, but I try to stick to my packing rules. What you pack depends on the weather and where you will be traveling. If you are going to a beach vacation, obviously you will most likely not pack long pants or jeans.

Favourite Accessories Only

I used to pack a ton of accessories, and I would end up not using any of them. I consider packing accessories, dead weight. I usually bring a couple pairs of earrings, 2 necklaces, one hat, 2 pair of sunglasses (in case you lose the one), and 2 purses (usually a tote and a crossbody bag). Although, I will admit most of the time I bring two crossbody bags because I get tired of having just one relatively quickly.


Outwear  tends to be very bulky, so the first thing you want to do before packing is look at the weather for the week you will be travelling. I usually wear my bulkiest clothing on the plane, which leaves more room in my suitcase. If you want to pack light you will need to pack only one of each type of outwear. So one coat, one cardigan, one jean jacket.

Three Pairs of Shoes. No Heels.

Unless you are attending a wedding, heels are pointless. Everytime I packaged heels I never ended up wearing them. Depending on the destination and the time of the year I am traveling, I like to pack sneakers, sandals, and boots if necessary. If I want a dressy shoe, I will pack the fanciest most sparkly pair of flats I have.

Bijuleni - Traveling Light: 5 Rules to Help You Pack LessDo you have any rules for packing light?


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