6 Tips How to Maintain Friendships

Whenever I think of friendships, I always envision a party. When your party starts the room is filled with people, but as the night progresses and people start to leave, the friends that matter to you the most always stay behind and are the last ones to leave. Life sometimes though happens, and even the friends that matter to you the most may have to leave the party early. That is why it is so important to nurture your friendships even when it becomes harder and harder to keep up with your besties on a regular basis. Friendships are so valuable, and it is so important to take the time to show your girlfriends you care. As any healthy relationship, my girlfriends and I disagree on many things, but one thing we always agree on is a big glass of yummy XOXO Wines. So for this Valentine’s Day, with the help of XOXO Wines I put together a little girly get together with my besties to show them I care. Ps. I think they greatly appreciated the larger than life wine glasses.

Here are my 6 tips how you can maintain and nurture friendships that matter:

1.Be Understanding and Flexible

I had to go back and forth many times in order to schedule this Valentine’s celebration with the girls. I also had a couple of besties that couldn’t make it. Don’t take it personally if your friends make plans with you then cancel. Life happens. Don’t also expect your friends to have time for you when you are free. Be understanding and flexible.

2. Check Ins

Even when your friend doesn’t have much time to give, support each other in other ways. Do you check in often to see how she’s doing? Does your friend check in with you? You don’t have to see each other to be good to each other.

3. Respect Individuality

A friend won’t change who she is to meet your needs, but her friendship is still worth your while. I love my friends because we accept each other’s right to make our own choices and be who we are. Our photoshoot was so fun because we were all together, but at the same time we were all kind of doing our own thing. Meryem was sipping some Cabernet + shiraz wine, Alexandra was eating the vanilla cupcakes from Bobbette and Belle, I was throwing the balloons around the room, but where it mattered the most we all came together and enjoyed our girls’ get together.

4. Compliments Are Key

Don’t keep compliments to yourself. When the girls came over for our get together I told them how cute they looked. Also, can we talk about how Meryem’s hair is as gorgeous as Princess Jasmine’s hair? Tell your friend how cute her outfit is, or that you love her new lipstick. Share the love! A two word sentence can do miracles to a person’s self-esteem, and you never know how it changes their day. Compliments are free!

5. Be a Good Listener and Offer Support

No matter how busy your schedule is, sometimes you need to drop everything and be there for your friend. We are all experts at juggling, so make sure you juggle your busy schedule to make time for a friend that needs you. Grab a bottle of sparking wine, a box of yummy cupcakes, and a heart filled with love and show your friend you care.

6. Celebrate Your Friendships

Being a good friend can mean different things to different people. For me, it is so important to celebrate my friendships, and make my friends feel special. Whether I have them over for a girls’ wine night or I treat them with a small gift; showing them that I care even when life gets busy is essential. Delicious cupcakes from Bobbette and Belle, XOXO Pinot Grigio+Chardonnay Sparkling or XOXO Pinot Grigio Chardonnay, some confetti and heart balloons; made the perfect combo for treating my girlfriends to a day filled with fun.

How do you maintain your friendships?

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Photography: Laura Clarke Photography

Thank you to XOXO Wines for collaborating with me on this post. All opinions are my own.



  1. Tamara D
    2018/02 /

    I looove the pic of you and Alex under #5!! So sweet!

    • Eleni Kyri
      2018/02 /

      Thank you Tamara! She is embracing her blogger side.Loved how the photos turned out.

  2. Gabriella Pacifico
    2018/02 /

    These pictures are adorable!! Love everything about this post. So important to stay in check with your girlfriends!xx gabpastelsandpastries.com

    • Eleni Kyri
      2018/02 /

      I feel sometimes we forget and get so caught up in our busy routines but it is so important to keep in touch with our friends.

  3. alexandrulini
    2018/02 /

    It is so important to get together from time to time and have some fun and relaxing time in our busy lives!This was so much fun! Hope we can do it again soon! Love you Bijuleni!Happy Galentine`s Day!

  4. Mary K.
    2018/02 /

    Such lovely pictures! This looks so much fun. Love XoXo Sparkling Chardonnay!

  5. Anonymous
    2018/02 /

    This look so much fun!!!such a nice way to celebrate friendship

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