Accutane and Winter Skincare Survival Kit – 10 Must Have Products

My Accutane winter skincare routine was vry important while I was on the treatment. If you recall a couple of years ago I was on Accutane because I struggled with acne for years. When you are on Accutane your skin becomes very dry, especially in the winter.  To keep your skin clear and protected  from the harsh winter conditions I highly recommend you use the following beauty products.

1.Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

This moisturizer is very deceiving, but a must have when you are taking Accutane in the winter. When you apply the moisturizer on your face, it feels sticky and very oily , but it is actually oil free which is fantastic and essential if your skin is prone to acne. I have been using this product for years now, but I found that even on Accutane it still gave my skin the right amount of moisture, and made me feel refreshed.

2.Estee Lauder Daywear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme Broad Spectrum 

This product caters to all skin types – Normal, Dry and Oily. It is a fantastic beauty product to use when you are on Accutane because it does many different things for your face. It has an SPF 15 which protects your skin from damaging UV rays, it improves minor fine lines (it has improved mine), and it has some skin essential antioxidants that protect your skin from premature aging. I honestly love this product and its cucumber scent, but, I wouldn’t classify it as a moisturizer. When I use it in the winter, I usually use another moisturizer on top of it or my fave Serum. Although it does many things for my skin, I just don’t get enough moisture for it. This is an amazing product to use after you are done Accutane or in combination with your Serum as I mentioned.

3.Clinique Liquid Face Soap

Nothing cleans your skin like Clinique. I love this product because it cleans your skin, but leaves the right amount of facial oils on my face so that it doesn’t feel super dry after each wash. Also, this product is amazing for taking off makeup. It rinses well, leaves no residue, it’s fragrance free, and perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin.

4.Refresh Liquid Gel

My eyes get really dry in the winter, and if you are on Accutane during the winter months you will definitely need to keep your eyes moisturized. Keep your eyes moisturized with gel eye drops. I found the ones that were a gel worked best for me because they don’t run down like the rest of the eye drops. The Refresh Liquid Gel will coat your eye and each time your use the drops they will not drip all over your face.

5.Nose Ointment

If you experience dryness in your nose and you get minor nose bleeds during the winter, A) You should tell your doctor, and B) you should be moisturizing your nose. When my nose was bleeding in the winter from dryness my doctor prescribed an ointment to keep my nose hydrated. If you do not have medical insurance, what also worked great was applying vaseline where my nose felt dry. That was a quick and affordable remedy.

6.Vaseline Lip Therapy

To prevent dry, chapped lips you will need something that gives your lips constant moisture. Compared to Burt’s Bees, Chapstick and Nivea, don’t even get me started with EOS which did nothing for me, Vaseline Lip Therapy had a long lasting effect. I love all of the products I previously and I actually do use all of those, but when I was on Accutane and my lips were as chapped as firewood, the only chapstick that really worked was Vaseline Lip Therapy.

7.Vaseline Jelly

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly, but old school Vaseline Jelly in a jar is my best friend. I used many body lotions while on Accutane, but the one that gave me continuous and lasting hydration was Vaseline Baby Jelly. It is sticky, but when your skin gets dry, stickiness is the least of your worries. I actually loved the hydration the Vaseline Jelly gave me so much that I continue to use it even now. I alternate between using the Baby Jelly and other regular body lotions like Nivea.

8.Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Creme

Keeping your hands moisturized in the winter months is something you should be doing even if you are not on Accutane. Ensure you are constantly hydrating your hands, because if you do not your skin gets flaky and extremely dry. Any hand cream works just as good, but I like using the Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Cream. It made my hands feel very silky with the right amount of oils.

9.Neutrogena Body Clear Wash

Another favourite of mine. I have been using the Neutrogena Body Clear Wash since highschool, and haven’t stopped using it since. It cleans your body without leaving it too feel dry and as you may have noticed this is a must when I am looking for products to add to my skincare. The Neutrogena Body Clear Wash is a very effective product if you suffer from body acne, and if you want a product that is affordable, but actually helps to maintain a clear skin, this is the one. There is also a face wash as well, which I also highly recommend.


This is self- explanatory and your number one product while on Accutane and actually, all year around is water. If you do not hydrate your body with at least 8 glasses of water each day, then let’s be honest you are doomed and bound to experience dryness and flakiness of your skin. None of these products are going to work miracles for you if you do not drink water. Hydrate your skin as much as possible during the cold months of the winter.

As a final note, I want to point out that I still use all of these products as they have helped me maintain a healthy, moisturized skin.


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