How To Style Your Bookshelf for the Holidays

Holiday bookshelf styling is one of my favourite things to do. Putting up the Christmas tree is always the main priority, but accessorizing your home for the holidays is just as important. We picked up this gorgeous lucite and chrome bookshelf from HomeSense, and I am so excited to share with you how I decorated it for Christmas. Accessorizing your shelfie for Christmas is a lot easier than you think, and making it practical is the only way to go when you live in a small condo apartment. Below are 5 easy tips to help you style your holiday bookshelf.How To Style Your Bookshelf for the Holidays | Bijuleni

Decide on a Theme When You Style Your Holiday Bookshelf

To narrow down your decor options and to limit the number of decorations you need to purchase come up with a theme. Think of a colour scheme you like, favourite accessories, and textures. My theme for decorating our bookshelf was pretty basic: Neutral tones with gold accents and various textures with a touch of vintage. We opted for a white Christmas tree this year, so I wanted to keep everything neutral to match the Christmas tree and of course the acrylic bookshelf. Also, check out my post about styling your bar cart during the holidays.

Bijuleni - 5 Easy Ways to Accessorize your Bookshelf for the Holidays - Vintage Christmas decorations

Choose a Focal Piece for Your Holiday Bookshelf

Choose a focal piece for your bookshelf that will help you carry out your theme. Although I do not have a focal piece for my shelf, my inspiration for building my theme was the Vintage Christmas tree with the colourful ornaments on it. I loved the texture of it and its pastel tones, and the vintage feel of it was just perfect. I find it really helpful to have a focal piece when you are trying to figure out your theme so that you can build around it easily with accessories that are within the same spectrum. Whether it is accessories with similar colour tones or textures.How To Style Your Bookshelf For Christmas | Bijuleni

Keep Your Bookshelf Holiday Styling Practical 

When you live in a small condo apartment, removing everything from your bookshelves to make room for all your holiday accessories is just not feasible. Especially when your storage is limited. My best advice is to incorporate items already on your shelves to your theme. When I was holiday bookshelf styling I incorporated things that were already on shelves like our books, gift boxes, and the serving tray with the flutes and water jug. We did have more books on our shelves, but to make the shelf more inviting for the season, I only kept books that matched the colour scheme of my vision. I then swapped our regular boxes with Christmas boxes so that I can store items in them.

How To Style Your Bookshelf for the Holidays While Keeping it Practical| Bijuleni

Add Cute Holiday Knick Knacks To The Shelves

Knick knacks add so much character to your shelves especially when it comes to decorating them for the holidays. You want to bring your own character when you style your holiday bookshelf instead of just having generic Christmas accessories. The cute knick-knacks I added as accents were the cute wood squirrel, the gold Christmas tree with the mice, and the little glass ornament.

Bijuleni - 5 Easy Ways to Accessorize your Bookshelf for the Holidays - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy

Have a Treat for Your Guests

When you style your holiday bookshelf remember to add something sweet for your guests. My favourite treat for the holidays is gingerbread cookies. I picked up the cutest gingerbread cookies from Mad Batter Bakers and I placed them on a cake stand so that our guests can grab them anytime they wish. When it comes to how you style your holiday bookshelf remember that it is the little details that came all the difference.

Extra tip: Try not to overcrowd your shelves even when you have limited space. If you do, the key is to place each item on the shelves strategically depending on the size of each accessory.

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