3 Reasons You Need To Have Coffee Dates with Friends at Home

3 Reasons You Need To Have Coffee Dates with Friends at Home

3 Reasons You Need To Have Coffee Dates with Friends at Home

Instagram is pouring over with images of fancy latte art, hip interiors, and cool must go to coffee corners. But as much as I love coffee shops, I can’t think of a better spot to have a cup of coffee than at home. I usually have my coffee early in the morning, unless a friend wants to grab coffee with me,  then, I am on it! Nothing beats coffee dates with friends. But instead of running across town to that so-called perfect coffee spot, I like to optimize my free time by inviting friends for coffee dates at my home.

Here are my 3 reasons why you should have coffee dates with friends at home

Have Tasty Coffee Without Breaking the Bank

Coffee shop visits can get quite pricey, especially if you buy coffee every day. Having coffee dates at home is an inexpensive yet flavourful alternative. I always thought you had to pay more for quality coffee. Wrong! You don’t need to spend $7 a cup, nor do you have to spend a fortune on coffee brewing equipment for that perfectly-brewed cup. Lucky for you and me, the Melitta Pour-Over Coffeemaker is a quick and convenient way to hand craft coffee out of our kitchens. My friends get to enjoy coffee for free, and who doesn’t love a free cup of coffee?

Comfort Above All

The phrase Home Sweet Home exists for a reason. My besties and I always enjoy our coffee dates at my house because it is our safe zone. They can take off their shoes and put their feet on my couch. They can help themselves to freshly-made goodies, pour themselves another cup of coffee, and they can also play with my puppy Margot. Better yet, we can have heart-to-heart talks without worrying about privacy. Anything goes when you have a coffee date at home.

Be Your Own Barista for Guaranteed Quality

When my bestie and I go to a coffee shop, the baristas sometimes get our coffee order wrong. But when you make your coffee at home, you know 100% what you’re getting and that you’re getting your perfect cup. That is why I love using my Melitta Pour-Over Coffeemaker. The Pour-Over system is also easy to use, not messy and environmentally friendly. You will serve a superior cup of coffee to your friends in no time, and your friends will thank you later!

Coffee dates are an important aspect of my life, but so are friends. I love having coffee dates at home and spending quality time with my besties while also sipping on quality coffee that is flavourful, yet easy to make. After all, I am not as skilled as a barista, but with my Melitta Pour-Over Coffeemaker, I don’t have to be.

Have you ever had coffee dates with friends at home?

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