What To Wear To a Wedding As a Guest

Dressing for a wedding when you are not the bride can be quite stressful, especially when the wedding has a specific dress code. To make your life easier, I partnered up with some amazing bloggers that I adore to bring you, your ultimate cheat sheet of what to wear as a guest to a wedding. Thanks to Oshawa Center we were able to put together some super cute wedding looks that will make you shine among the rest of the wedding guests.

You are Invited to a Formal Wedding

What to wear to a wedding as a guest for a formal wedding sounds a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Even though most wedding guests will opt to wear a floor-length dress to a formal wedding, truth is you do not have to. As a wedding guest you have ample of choices to choose from when it comes to what you are going to wear to the wedding. Just because the wedding is formal does not mean you are restricted in choosing your outfit. Yes, there are certain things you cannot wear, like a sundress or your jeans which you should not be wearing to a wedding anyways, unless it is a boho inspired wedding.

My Formal Wedding Guest Outfit

I urge you to break the habit of automatically choosing to wear a long dress when you see on the invitation that it is a formal wedding. I managed to pull off not wearing a formal floor-length gown, by combining together the right items. Instead of going for a typical formal dress, make your outfit fun by putting together a cute top with a midi fancy skirt. This is always my go to when I don’t feel like wearing a dress. For example, wearing a midi skirt instantly adds the formal element to your outfit. The H&M pink midi skirt I grabbed from Oshawa Centre is fun, but not too fun which preserves the formal aspect of the outfit. The fabric of the skirt is also essential when you are trying to pull off going to a formal wedding without wearing a formal dress per say. The skirt I picked up from Oshawa Center is velvet and it creates a beautiful illuminating shimmer, adding that fancy element to your not so formal attire. I loved combining the rich texture of the velvet skirt with the delicate lace white tank top I picked up from Forever 21 for just $20! This was such a steal and the quality is amazing as well. Plus a delicate tank top is a pretty basic item that you can easily find your closet.

The Accessories

I paid close attention to my accessories for my wedding guest ensemble. The baroque inspired Aldo purse is so beautiful that it may steal the spotlight from the bride. I fell in love with the design of this purse for many reasons. First, my grandpa had a clutch from way back in the day that had the same print. Also, baroque is one of my favourite time periods in terms of architecture and textile, and this definitely reminds me of that era. Elegant and sophisticated the embellished buckle also makes this purse a great contender for a formal wedding. I also picked up the hot pink tassel earrings from H&M that added another great pop of colour.

The Shoes

I usually alternate with what type of shoes I wear to formal weddings. If I am going all out with the rest of my accessories, either purse or jewelry I try to keep my heels as simple as possible so that the ensemble isn’t too much. Since my purse and earrings were over the top, I balanced my outfit by wearing a nude heel I picked up from Hudson’s Bay at Oshawa Centre.

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Thank you to Oshawa Center for collaborating with us on this post. All opinions are my own.
Photography: Laura Clarke Photography


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