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Bijuleni - Soundpays App Review

Bijuleni - Soundpays App Review

Whenever a new app comes out that absolutely makes sense I am always like Why didn’t I come up with this? I recently discovered a new app that is so convenient to have that fear not it had me questioning again Why didn’t I come up with this first? The app I am talking about is Soundpays, and even though it hasn’t been that long since I discovered it I am always loving it.

Bijuleni - Soundpays App Review

Bijuleni - Soundpays App Review

What Is Soundpays?

Soundpays is an awesome (according to me and very likely to you when you start using the app) new mobile wallet that uses ultrasonic sound wave technology to send purchase information directly from an online, TV or digital sign ad to your phone.

So How Does Soundpays Work?

An inaudible sound wave is embedded into commercials which are broadcast on TV, cell phone, computer, digital sign etc. When you open your Soundpays app this sound wave is retrieved by your cell phone’s microphone. The App allows you to buy any product you see being advertised on TV for example in real-time with a single touch of a button. All you have to do is tap on the green SCAN button and the product information appears on your screen. You can then proceed to make your single- touch purchase.  You scan, you find, you buy.

Bijuleni - Soundpays App Review

*Easy one time sign-in (for those that are lazy like me) unless you sign out, then you have to sign back in.

Bijuleni - Soundpays App Review

Soundpays doing its scanning magic

Bijuleni - Soundpays App Review

Waiting for my scan results

What About Security?

I love technology but like you I am always paranoid about security. Soundpays confirms that credit card information is never stored on the device or on their servers. Payment information is also not transmitted over the air. Not sure what that means but it sounds pretty legit and like Soundpays knows what they are talking about. Soundpays communication is also encrypted through a secure internet connection, and if I have learned anything from my Computer 101 training days is that secure internet connections are a must so Soundpays also has you covered on that. Verdict: Sounds to me like Soundpays is a  mobile wallet app that is 100% secure and totally reliable.

Bijuleni - Soundpays App Review

What about Shipping Info?

Once you place your order you should receive an email receipt. If the product requires shipping, this information will then be shared with the merchant’s fulfillment system automatically. No action is required on your end which is pretty awesome.

Exclusive Deals

I love an app that values their users. Soundpays has a showcase page with exclusive deals (who doesn’t love a discounted product price?) just for Soundpays mobile app users. Surprisingly, the exclusive deals on the showcase website were items that I definitely need in my life. First up, the Dash Cam for a discounted price of $55.99 This is one of the things I definitely need to invest in, especially now that it is summer and drivers are so careless having a dash cam seems so necessary. Especially when you have cars that hit you and drive away which has happened to a couple of my friends. I am also loving the fact that one of the exclusive deals offered to me are Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags. This is definitely one item we need in our household for Margot, so I hope this deal is available to me for years to come. You can view the Showcase page over here with some amazing deals!

Bijuleni - Soundpays App Review

Bijuleni - Soundpays App Review

Bijuleni - Soundpays App Review

Why I love the app?

Well, because when commercials come on TV, with their super catchy songs, I want to be able to save myself from the trouble of going into the brand’s site and look through the endless product pages in hopes I will somehow miraculously find the product I just saw on TV. But thanks to Soundpays, I will be able to save myself from the headache of endless research. Without being redirected to a web site, with just a touch of a button, I will successfully buy the product that was just on TV.

Will you be trying the app? Is this something that will make your life easier like it did for me?

Check out more info how Soundpays works by viewing the video



  1. Ciara
    2017/06 /

    This is seriously cool! I'm the same way as you when it comes to wishing I was the one who came up with the latest app or product. I have never heard of Soundpays before but I'm definitely going to go check it out!!Ciarawww.ciarasalloum.com

    • Eleni Kyri
      2017/07 /

      It is the best!I feel every ad that comes on, I am always prone to pull out my phone and scan with Soundpays. lol

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