My Birthday Wishlist: Items to Invest In

One of my favourite times of the year is around the corner. Talk about being totally self-absorbed my favourite time of the year is my birthday. Going into spoil mode galore here. I use my birthday as an excuse to convince myself I earned this. In all seriousness though, if you remember last year’s post where I shared why I always create a birthday wish list. My Birthday wishlist helps to keep myself grounded with my purchases and to really pin down the items I want to purchase for the year even though sometimes I tend to deviate. So here is this year’s list.

Ted Baker Suitcase

So this is a metaphor item. My birthday wish is to travel more. Not necessarily big trips, but even just small weekend trips around my city as well. My biggest trip this year is going to be India, and I am hoping by next year I will get to travel to my bestie’s birthplace Morocco. Hard to believe that I have never gone on a trip of just me and Meryem alone, considering we have been best friends for decades. I find traveling such an important aspect of living life, and enriching life.


I am in serious need to update my eyeglasses. Period.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

I love heavy perfumes that linger forever. This perfume reminds me of the Dior Poison scent which also happens to be my favourite scent of all times. This perfume has been on my list of things to buy for years now, but I have never managed to buy it. I feel this is going to be the year.

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

My current hairdryer is the worst. Like terrible. Sometimes I believe I can smell my hair burning. lol. My next big hair product investment is going to be this Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. I really hope it is just as good as everyone makes it to be because the price tag for a hair dryer is pretty steep. I am hoping with this Dyson Hairdrier I am going to have Victoria’s Secret hair everyday.

GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag

Big handbag purchase of the year. I always try to keep my designer handbag purchases realistic and to a minimum. This year I had to sit myself down and think about what was missing from my handbag collection. A statement bag. I have been drooling over the Gucci Marmont matelassé for a while now. If you recall on my twitter rants about Kam referring to this purse as the purse that pepto bismol threw up all over it… But no bag says Eleni like this bag. The colour, the gold chain, the GG hardware. I love it. Unfortunately, the medium size is currently sold, but the mini and large version are still available. I think the mini is too small. If you are looking to invest I would say go with the medium (other colours are still available) or the large. (Let’s not kid ourselves, I already bought this bag last weekend and I loooove it).

Hello Doormat

How cute is this Hello doormat from Target and so affordable! I mean for under $15this is the best birthday item on my list.

Bar Mix Set

This is more on my wishlist for Kamiran’s use than mine. I hardly even drink, but my aim is for us to add a little cute bar cart in our apartment and this bar mix set is going to add a little extra Mad Men vibe to it.

 Kate Spade Utensil Holder

Not the most exciting purchase of the year, but I need to update our utensil holder to something that is a bit more chic than the one we currently have. This Kate Spade polka dot holder is an instant fave for the kitchen.

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There you have it. My birthday wishlist for 2017. Are there any items you are currently coveting?



  1. Courtney
    2017/03 /

    Love the bar mix set! I can't wait to get a bar cart and put lots of fun things on it! Searching for a cute gold cocktail shaker!

    • Eleni Kyri
      2017/03 /

      Right Courtney? I actually don't even have a bar cart yet lol but I do love this set.

  2. Ciara
    2017/03 /

    That bag is so pretty and I can totally see you wearing it! And I love love love that Ted Baker suitcase! I didn't even know they had a travel line. Definitely gonna go check them

  3. Natalie Ast
    2017/03 /

    that handbag is gorgeous!!! Would love to own that in white or red. If you blow dry your hair every day the Dyson would be worth it, but I'm only occasional so I will stick to my Winners T3 dryer (also a really good option!). Happy birthday!!!

    • Eleni Kyri
      2017/03 /

      I also love the white, but I think it would be a bad choice if you wear jeans all the time like me. I blowdry my hair maybe 2-3 times a week so maybe you are right. Not a good investment.Haha didn't think this investment through

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