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Dress: Winners similar| Cardigan: Banana Republic similar | Sunglasses: c/o DIFF | Boots: Dr. Martens c/o Union Jack Boots | Satchel: Cambridge Satchel 

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A little info you may not know about me is that I love Fine Art. From Gustav Klimt to Van Gogh to Georgia O’Keeffe to even Botticelli. My love for Fine Art goes a long way. When I go to museums and I see a beloved painting of mine in real life my heart jumps.The same way my heart jumped when I saw these Dr.Martens Pascal Hogarth boots at Union Jack Boots! What? A Painting on a boot? Sing me up I want all the pairs in the world! We are all used to seeing fine art on souvenirs,  but on a boot? I mean how cool are these boots? I live for unique items, but I also get excited when it is a combination of things I love.

It is liberating and fulfilling that even though this is not the typical boot I would go for it has an element that I love. Fine Art. The print on the boot illustrates 18th-century English painter, William Hogarth’s painting “A Rake’s Progress”. This was actually a series of eight paintings  by him and this particular scene takes place at the Rose Tavern, a rather famous brothel in Covent Garden. How do I know this info? Well, I have read tons of books on Fine Art and I have visited numerous museums across the world. There are many time periods I am enamored with and Renaissance is one of them. I also loved the Di Paolo boot  which may as well be my next purchase since I am already dreaming of it.

The other thing I love is that Union Jack Boots offers a number of boots that are unisex. Kamiran would not stop talking about these boots, and how he wants to steal them from me. Luckily, we are not the same size, but he would have totally snatched them from me. They also have tons of different categories  you can choose from and that makes life a bit easier when trying to figure out what look of boot you want to go for.

These Dr. Martens are also great for all ages. My sister would also not stop talking about how these boots bring back so many memories from her highschool years. She then proceeded to say that she will gladly take the boots from me if I decide I no longer like them. Ok people, these are my boots. Everyone calm down and go purchase a pair of your own from Union Jack. My entire family was trying to snatch them from me. lol you know you have made a great purchase when…

What do you think? Are you loving the boots as much as I am?


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