Vintage Photoshoot with Insight Eye Care

Bijuleni - Vintage outfit look with pin up updo

Bijuleni - Vintage outfit look with pin up updo hair

Bijuleni - Vintage outfit look photoshoot

 Somehow,  sunglasses ended up being my latest obsession. If you recall, I had previously posted why you need to invest in high quality sunglasses. Picking high quality sunglasses though is not an easy process. Most of my sunglasses choices are out there. Mostly because I want to wear sunglasses that tell a story. Sunglasses that define my look and my personality. It is easy to fall into the trap of buying the latest IT pair of sunglasses, but I would rather invest in pieces that will withstand the pass of time, or at least wear a pair of sunglasses that not everyone will own. That is why I love Insight Eye Care. Each pair of glasses, whether it is reading glasses or sunglasses is carefully chosen to accommodate consumers that are looking for something different from the mass produced Fendis and Pradas. As you can imagine, as a person that loves anything that is unique and tells a story, when Insight Eye Care asked me to be a part of their campaign, I was over the moon. Hello, eyewear. Hello fabulousness.

Bijuleni - Dita Eyewear with Insight EyeCare

Bijuleni - Pin Up Updo hair, Vintage Retro Dress and Jean Philippe Joly Sunglasses

bijuleni - vintage photoshoot look

Even more amazing was the vintage theme the dream team was able to incorporate into our photoshoot. I always considered myself more inclined to the modern style vibe, but I am extremely conservative when it comes to my stylistic choices. Give me some Ingrid Bergman hair glamour like in the movie Notorious circa 1946, a little bit of Grace Kelly wardrobe perfection, and some Rita Hayworth luscious red lips, and I am right in my Old Hollywood element. I loved this photoshoot because it incorporated many firsts for me. First time I wore red lipstick, first time I got my hands on so many beautiful handcrafted eyeglasses, first time pulling off the vintage look. When you have a team like the one from Insight Eye Care you become a vintage scarlet with movie worthy hair. Watch out Blake Lively. From picking up the sassy vintage finds from Meow Boutique to getting all glammed up by the beauty squad to even eating delicious sandwiches while getting ready, I had such a fun day shooting with this incredible team.

Bijuleni - Caroline Abram Eyewear with Vintage Pin Up hair

bijuleni-Vintage Dress and Pin Up Hairdo

Bijuleni - Sunglasses

If you are in town, I definitely recommend stopping by Insight Eye Care, or even if you are not, I can vouch that it is worth the drive. It is not just about the eyeware it is also about the people that will make sure you leave Insight Eye Care with a smile.

Insight Eye Care has moved their offices to a fab new location at 49 Albert Street, Waterloo. Make sure to visit!

The Dream Team

Creative Direction: Neil Moser, Nicole Wagler
Photographer: Troy Dettwiler

Vintage Finds: Meow Boutique

Sandwiches and Bicycles from: Berlin Bicycle Café

Hair: Amy @1absolutebeauty

Makeup: Sarah @gildedmakup

Thanks to Insight Eye Care for the amazing day!



  1. Troy
    2016/08 /

    Awesome post 😀

  2. Amanda Brezovsky
    2016/08 /

    Oh, my heart is fluttering right now at this photo shoot! You look AMAZING! The glasses are spectacular too. Your hair, makeup, clothes, all fabulous. Vintage looks are actually my favorite and you named some of my favorite actresses too. Grace Kelly is my favorite. Notorious is one of my favorite movies too! Absolutely in love with all of this <

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