How to Look Good in Boyfriend Jeans

bijuleni - ripped jeans,white top,booties

Bijuleni-Shop for Jayu mirrored sunglasses

bijuleni-ripped one teaspoon jeans,booties and wicker basket

bijuleni-weekend casual look

bijuleni-one teaspoon ripped jeans, booties and white blouse

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bijuleni-wicker basket with flowers

Top: Winners | Jeans: One Teaspoon | Booties | Marshalls | Wicker Basket: HomeSense | Necklace: c/ o Chinbold | Bracelet: c/o Larimar

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From boyfriend jeans to everyday casual tops, I am in my element when my outfit does not restrict my movements for my on-the-go lifestyle. Boyfriend jeans are my favourite type of jeans, but let’s face it, boyfriend jeans are masculine and not meant to flatter your figure. Or so you thought. Loose and baggy, Kamiran despises the days I am caught wearing my boyfriend jeans. Which is honestly most days. My favourite place  to shop for boyfriend jeans, is Jean Machine. They always have such great choices for all body types, and when I tell Kamiran I am going there to shop, he knows what I am shopping for. Boyfriend Jeans! He’s used to it by now, but those first days when my boyfriend jeans surfaced, he was mortified. So how can you wear boyfriend jeans in a way that you will look on point, effortlessly chic and yet feminine? Here is my guide on how to look good in boyfriend jeans:

Choose a Slim Cut

You want your jeans to look loose, but you don’t want to be drowning in them. Essentially boyfriend jeans is what I call an illusion. They look loose and somewhat baggy, but they are in fact the perfect fit. I always opt for the slim cut and even though they say to buy a size bigger when it comes to boyfriend jeans, I never do.

Cuff and Roll Them Up

I never wear my boyfriend jeans uncuffed or unrolled. I really don’t like the way they look when they are not. And honestly not cuffing them will just make them look like a boot cut pair of jeans, and that is the last thing you want. What defines boyfriend jeans is the little cute cuff and roll. So roll them up ladies! To ensure you look good in boyfriend jeans, roll them up!

Choose Your Shoes

My absolute favourite is pairing my boyfriend jeans with heels or wedges. Boyfriend jeans look adorable with flats as well, but nothing extenuates your legs like heels. Now unfortunately, due to my lifestyle I cannot wear heels all day especially when I am running around, so usually I go for flats. I would say opt for a shoe that is fun and adds an extra touch of femininity.

Fitted Top

I personally wear my boyfriend jeans with both loose and fitted tops. But overall, I have noticed that on average people look better when they wear their boyfriend jeans with more structured and fitted tops. Even if you choose a loose top, key is to remember that you always want your jeans to look looser than your top. You are aiming for a polished look, not a pyjama party look.

So that is how I would wear my boyfriend jeans to look good. I really do hope that boyfriend jeans are here to stay, and even if they are not I will continue to be wear them. A couple more things I am loving about this outfit: This beautiful Larimar Open Cuff – Double Stone reminds me of the ocean.  Made from 100% natural and mined lamirar stones in the Dominican Republic, this is definitely a bracelet you want to gift to someone special or even treat yourself. Also, the sunglass addict that I have been, I am loving these new sunnies from Shop For Jayu, so I have partnered up with them to give you a gift card for their online shop! Enter below for your chance to win.

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  1. Kayley
    2016/08 /

    I think you did a great job styling your outfit. I usually style my jeans a bit more casual with a t-shirt and sandals.

  2. Alison Connolly
    2016/09 /

    Looking fantastic as always! I style my boyfriend jeans exactly like you do…cozy and chic!Xox

  3. Meegan
    2016/09 /

    I would style them with some tall heels to lengthen my legs and a tighter white top to equal out the loose bottoms. Then lots of accessories, of course!

  4. alexandrulini
    2016/09 /

    This outfit is perfect Eleni! I totally love it! So chic and beautiful! Pretty sunnies, too!

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