How To: Host A Pool Party With Your Girlfriends a la Blogger Style

Blogging brought me together with these three amazing gals GabriellaJackie, and Joelle, and even though in front of the camera we all polish up nicely, when we get together it is all about the fun.  Essentially a hot mess, but isn’t that what summer weekends are all about? Endless fun with your girlfriends? When we got together a couple of weeks ago to shoot our fun in the sun looks, we did everything, but pose. Our décor set up was interrupted by us eating the delicious tropical themed cookies from the Dessert Lady, because a girl has got to eat. It was also super hard to stand still for our individual photo ops because hellooooo who can listen to Drake without doing a little body movement? Then the scorching sun left us dehydrated, so of course we needed a little refresher a la Joelle style aka gin but with an amazing juice mix from The Fix + Co. Add a cool pool and a dancing flamingo and a fun donut float from Chapters Indigo and we are good to go with the most epic afternoon at la casa de Pacifico!

Cheers to blurry photos but fun times!

Here is what you need to throw a fun afternoon pool party with your girlfriends. 

Set the Vibe

It’s all about the details that will set the vibe of your get together. We gathered as many tropical themed props as we could ranging from a pineapple wine stopper to little cute pineapple shot glasses to even swanky flamingo straws. Key is to all help out anyway you can, but if you are a modern day Martha Stewart and you want to take over the whole thing you can do that as well.

Serve Easy to Eat Foods

The last thing you want at a pool party is messy food and the need of napkins constantly or even the use of utensils. We kept ours mess free by just creating a cheese and veggie platter, along with some delicious dips served with tortilla and Terra chips.

Sip on Refreshing Drinks

It’s hot outside, so chances are you need to keep the drinks on coming. Our initial plan was to have real life coconut drinks. We would crack them open and voila tropical refresher. Except, not quite so easy. Coconuts are impossible to break without the right tools, so our plan miserably failed. But no worries, we had a delicious juice mix from The Fix + Co in Toronto, which was just as refreshing and actually much tastier than coconut water. We added a little bit of alcohol and ready, set, sip. Our afternoon chit chats were on their way.

  Add Pool Floats

Chapters Indigo has the cutest floats right now! See our flamingo and donut floats. I mean how adorable are these? These are a pool party must have! Even if you don’t use them, they are fun to just have in the pool. (sidenote totally forgot to take photos of the pool. lol read life problems).

Floral Flair

If you follow us on Snapchat, you know. Our #bloggercrawlto is defined by our floral outings. We meet up and a visit to the florist is a must. You definitely want to add some floral flair to your table spread when throwing a pool party with your girlfriends. The flowers will transform the overall look so drastically. Opt for tropical flowers, like orchids, bottle brush (yes that a name of a flower), hibiscus, bird of paradise, a fan palm, a banana leaf or even philondedron leaves. All great choices to jazz up your bar cart or table set up.

Let Them Eat Cake

A party without cake is just a meeting. Sweets are a must if you want to keep your guests happy, and because we are all sweet tooth gals we had quite a selection of some tropical desserts. Gabriella carved a watermelon and placed fruits inside, which is the ultimate tropical fruit platter. So definitely get on that. Our course of desserts then continued with some tropical themed cookies from the Dessert Lady (custom made and delicious) and to end a fun day with the girls we finished off with some refreshing popsicles from The Fix + Co.

And that is how you celebrate summer with your girlfriends. It is always so fun catching up with these girls and enjoying our time together. We may have met as bloggers, and we categorize our selves under the “blogger friends”, but these friendships are just as important as the ones you have from highschool. They are just different, but just as valuable. It is so refreshing to have a supportive community, and well someone that gets your blogging needs. Cheers to a great summer and I hope you enjoyed the post as much as we enjoyed our day by the pool.

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  1. Gabriella Mary Angela
    2016/08 /

    Love these shots. And your tips! We were definitely on the same page haha!xx

  2. Kristiana
    2016/08 /

    Your dress is so cute Eleni! Perfect for a backyard pool party :)Kris | Window Seat Style

  3. Jackie Goldhar
    2016/08 /

    Yay!! I love how all of these photos turned out. Somehow, even the blurry ones are cute.It was such a fun day, definitely need to do this again :)JackieSomething About That

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