Hair Restoration with Kérastase + Giveaway

Bijuleni-Kerastase Hair Care for Damaged Hair

Bijuleni-Kerastase Hair Care for Damaged Hair

You know what has been feeling like hay lately? My hair. Ever since I got back from Greece my hair has been a complete disaster. From the harmful rays of the sun, to the sea’s salty water, to me putting my hair up in a ponytail and pulling it like there is no tomorrow for those hair buns…Needless to say I came back from Greece and my hair needed major TLC. Kérastase is not a brand that is new to me. I used Kérastase when I was living in Europe, but when I moved back to Canada this brand wasn’t available here. To my misfortune, many things have gone wrong with my hair over the years (aka blonde hair then being on Accutane) so my hair has been damaged over and over again.

As you can imagine I am all about this luxury hair brand. I am a firm believer that spending a little bit more for hair products gets you a long way when it comes to your hair’s health. Restoring the health of my damaged hair is on it’s way with the Résistance Kérastase hair collection. I have only used the products for three washes so far but I have to say that my hair already feels hydrated, less like hay and less brittle. Obviously I have a long way to go, miracles do not happen over night, but girls if you’re looking to restore the health of your blonde damaged hair this is it

Here are the products I have been using to restore the health of my damaged blonde hair by step:


Bijuleni - Bain Force Architecte Kerastase Hair Care

The shampoo that will restore what once used to be beautiful hair.  The benefits of the Bain Force Architecte shampoo are pretty straight forward: It helps to reconstruct, revitalize your brittle, damaged hair into Barbie hair aka shiny, smooth and gorgeous.


Bijuleni - Kerastase Ciment Anti Usure

Ciment Anti-Usure is the conditioner. What I love about this conditioner is that it leaves my hair silky smooth that I don’t even need to detangle my hair with a brush after my shower. Also, amazing moisture!


Bijuleni - Masque Force Architecte Kerastase

The Masque Force Architecte is a nice addition to my hair care. I don’t use the masque everytime I wash my hair. I use it every other wash, or sometimes I will skip the conditioner and go straight for the masque. I have used many masques over the years, but I love how this one isn’t too thick and it smells great. Like the conditioner, your hair will feel super smooth after you wash your hair and also no need to detangle.


Bijuleni - Kerastase Ciment Thermique Hair Care

Ciment Thermique, has been my fave. Most of the damage to my hair comes from the heat of my blow-dryer. This is the perfect blow-dry care for damaged hair that needs all the help it can get against further damage. This is a new formula that helps the hair to rebuild a protective outer layer. So far this has helped with the breakage of my hair and my annoying split ends.


Bijuleni - Kerastase Double Serum Therapiste Hair Care

The Double Serum Therapiste can be applied to your hair before you blow-dry, just like the Ciment Thermique. I personally found it more beneficial for my hair when I applied this product to my already blow-dried hair. Usually when I want to curl my hair or straighten it with the appropriate hair devices. I have used it a couple of times before I blow dry my hair, and it worked just as well.

bijuleni - Kerastase Hair Restoration

I have partnered up with Kérastase to give your hair the tender loving care that it deserves with an amazing giveaway*. Follow all the steps below and enter for your chance to win a full Kérastase regime of your liking depending on your hair needs valued at $200. Don’t forget to check out the Diagnostic Tool where you can find out which collection works best for your hair.

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*Open to Canadian Residents only.



  1. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries
    2016/08 /

    I was introduced to this brand a few months ago and I've only tried one product but I'm hooked now!

  2. the cape on the corner
    2016/08 /

    i need volume!thanks,b

  3. Christy DuBois
    2016/08 /

    Is this giveaway open to the USA also or for Canada only? Thanks so much.

  4. Anonymous
    2016/08 /

    My hair used to be curly, but I've lost it and now it's barely a wave. I need help with frizz so that I can air dry it some days and just leave it – right now I HAVE to use some sort of heat styling, which is damaging, time consuming and frustrating! I need all the help I can get! – Stefani

  5. tangente
    2016/08 /

    I so need a new hair care regimen. It's such a hot mess

  6. nelle25
    2016/08 /

    I have very dry hair, so I need moisture, thanks you for the chance to try these wonderful products!

  7. melzzzzzzzzz
    2016/08 /

    I fry my hair. I am always in a rush, but fab hair is a must-have for me. For instant curls which cause severe damage, I turn my curling iron to 420 degrees f. My ends are gross desperately need some TLC!!help

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