Dressing Fancy – The Little Red Dress

bijuleni - Zara red lace midi dress

bijuleni - Zara red lace midi dress

Dress: Zara | Heels: C/o Dresslink | Purse: Shiraleah Chicago | Bracelet: Uknown

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Happy Monday my flaneurs! Break ups are hard to do. I feel as if Zara is like your ex boyfriend that you so badly want to let go off, but you just can’t seem to be able to. You want to give others a try and give them a chance to prove they are just as worthy of your time and love, but that bad ass Zara always finds ways to sneak back into your life. Like say, you decide that your love affair with Zara needs to end for many good reasons. Prices are going up,not the friendliest staff,racks are always a mess, change room lines are longer than the great wall of China, and honestly you’re tired of spotting so many girls wearing the same clothing as you. So you put an end to it. Then one day you decide to do a little check up on Zara, you know, for old times sake and the great love you shared. You are just doing a friendly drop by, no intention to commit just a quick browse. And then bam you spot it. The dreamiest dress of life. So much for a breakup.You are back in the game! Zara has once again devoured your soul and your wallet. Goodbye breakup. Hello endless love affair, and that is how this little red dress came home with me.

I also looooove these bow heels, which by the way are only $13.23! Can you believe it? You can get your own pair over at Dresslink and best part is that they came in so many different colours. Pink, red, blue to name a few.


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  1. alexandrulini
    2016/09 /

    You can never go wrong with a red dress!I love the pattern of lace and the bow heels! (although, a little too high for me!haha!)

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