What to Wear To Your Bridal Shower

Bride to be, this the time for you to splurge on your attire. So many events, so little time and the stress may be over the roof. But this is a big event and it is only expected for you to overwhelmed with the choices out there, so here are my tips to make the right decision of what to wear to your bridal shower a lot easier.

Wear White

Now, just because you are a bride does not mean that you have to wear white on your bridal shower, but I say why not? Think about how often you get the chance to wear white and I bet it is not many. You are not a bride everyday. If you do not want to wear white, pastels are always a good idea and crème hues even better.

Think About Your Style

What do you want to wear to your bridal shower? Something that says I am playing it safe or go beyond your boundaries and really treat yourself to the ultimate bridal shower experience with a gorgeous dress?

Be Conscious of the Venue

Most likely you know where your bridal shower is taking place. Dress accordingly. Is it at the beach house? A garden party? Black tie affair? Casual chic? You want to wear something that will match and blend in with the venue. You don’t want to show up with a sundress if it is a black tie event.

Feel Beautiful

The aim of your bridal shower is to celebrate you. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable and not yourself at your own bridal shower. To conclude what to ear to your bridal shower, I say whatever you choose to wear whether white or pastel, the right choice is the one that make you feel comfortable but also beautiful.


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  1. Amanda Brezovsky
    2016/04 /

    Great tips and your dress picks are all so beautiful!amandabrezovsky.com

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