Coffee dates + life balance

bijuleni-white skinny jeans and grey cardi

bijuleni- neutral palette outfit: white skinny jeans and blush top

bijuleni- neutral palette outfit: white skinny jeans and blush top

bijuleni-Matt and Nat bucket handbag

bijuleni- neutral palette outfit: white skinny jeans and blush top

bijuleni- neutral palette outfit: white skinny jeans and blush top

bijuleni - coffee date with friends at Nutmeg Bakeshop

bijuleni- coffee dates

bijuleni- Nutmeg Bakeshop Aurora

The Social Introvert

Last week, I shared with you the first outfit I put together for the Lemoberry Spring Collection photoshoot, and today I am sharing the second look I created. After the photoshoot, I grabbed a cup of hot coffee and some delicious treats with Jackie and Joelle at the cutest little bakery shop in Aurora, Nutmeg Bakeshop. The days I get work done, have time to grab coffee with my friends, and go home early to enjoy my evening with Margot, are definitely the best days. As much as I love being social, I would definitely consider myself more of an introvert than an extrovert. Ever since I started blogging though my downtime has been minimized and I am home much less than I used to. My life balane has certainly changed.


Staying True to Yourself 

To stay true to who I am, but also to my passion for blogging, I found that multitasking and incorporating blogging into my daily life was the most logical solution. So when I go out with friends, I make sure there is some time to shoot my outfit either before or after our date. Usually before. I found this to be the most effective way to maximize my time and find a balance between my two worlds. My other solution was to fit most of my meetings into one day instead of spreading them out throughout the week. I find that having meetings back to back is the best way to ensure that I get a full day at home after work with Margot and le boyfriend.

Life Balance Defined

We always say that we need a balance in our lives, but I am firm believer that the right balance is the balance you want for your own self. I definitely go through cycles of what the perfect balance is. Sometimes the perfect balance for me is to be at home with Margot, while other days the perfect balance is to blog all day. Some days my balance is just to go out. Your life balance will vary and change on a daily basis. What you have to do is define what a balanced life means to you and what it does not.


Moral of the story is:

Don’t let anyone tell you what the right life balance is for you. If you want to blog or work all day long, then own it. That is what you love, that is what gives you your sense of fulfilment. Don’t let anyone tell you, you need to work less or you need to go out more with your friends. You do what you love. Your true friends will support you and understand where you are coming from. Sometimes you are doing things in your life that require 101% of your attention. That does not mean that your life is not balanced. It means that you are chasing after your dreams and living life to the fullest. Just make sure there is always some downtime to energize yourself and boost those batteries.

Many Thanks to these lovely people for making this photoshoot happen:

Photography: Khamp Media

Hair: Jade at Luxe Hair Den

Makeup: Victoria Bourque Salon

Shop My Look from Lemonberry:

Jeans–  7 For All Mankind

Top: Darling

Cardigan – Wooden Ships

Handbag– Matt and Nat

Necklace – Mala Collective



  1. Jo
    2016/04 /

    This latest post is wonderful,and shall read it many times. I love words; I love readind; I love writing letters with pen and paper. Perhaps I should write my own blog. I love, also,the cute top and coat you are wearing.So pretty.

  2. alexandrulini
    2016/04 /

    Love this photoshoot!Great outfit! I love how you've mixed up the pastel colours with the bright handbag! Also…you have such a talent for writing Eleni…!

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