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Blogging teaches you many things, not just about fashion and social media, but also things about yourself. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to be part of the BCC Style Pop Panel at Bramalea City Center along with Ella Pretty Blog and Nelle Creations. Bramalea City Center recently launched their blog and I am so happy to have even written a blog post for them. You can read the blog post here. Even though I have only been blogging for just over a year now, there are so many valuable things I have learned. Things that can also be easily applied into anyone’s life regardless if you are a blogger or not.

Before I start off with the most important questions about blogging I answered during the panel, let’s talk about my outfit. I paired this outfit with items I found at a few of my favourite stores at Bramalea City Centre: Aritzia, Forever21 and H&M. If you remember in my latest post, I talked about mixing high and low pieces. The top I am wearing in this outfit is from Forever21 for just under $30, but the quality is amazing. Almost as amazing as my Wilfred skirt from Aritzia which was $98. What I love about shopping is that if you know fabrics you can easily tell which items are of good quality even when their price tag is very affordable.

How often do you recommend posting on your blog? On social media?

Everyone says it doesn’t matter how often you post as long as it is consistent, but I disagree. If you want your readers to be coming back to your blog, you need to post at least twice or three times a week. With so many blogs out there you need to keep your readers engaged. Especially with social media, 2-3 posts a day is a must for engagement and for driving new traffic to your channels.

What is the toughest part about blogging? 

Toughest part about blogging when you start out, but also later one from time to time is comparing yourself to others. It is important to always remind yourself that everyone is at different stages in their blogging careers. Never compare yourself to someone who has been blogging for years, since it is expected that their following, engagement, and opportunities will be far greater than yours. That does not mean that your value is any less though. Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.


What are the most important things to keep in mind when working with brands? 

When you first start off blogging you will feel the need to say yes to every brand that approaches you, but be picky. Say yes only if the company appeals to your brand and who you are. Also, it is very important to know your value and evaluate which collaborations are worth your time and which are not.

How do you balance blogging with work and your personal life? 

Balancing life in general, whether you blog or not, is not easy. Sometimes it is nearly impossible. Always try to incorporate blogging into your daily life, by either taking pictures before an outing with friends, or writing your blog post and editing pictures while watching a show or at your favourite cafe. Blogging is all about multitasking.

If you were to give one piece of advice to new or aspiring bloggers, what would it be?

The blogging world can be very lonely and isolating if you do not create a niche for yourself. Reach out to other bloggers that you look up to or bloggers that inspire you. Regardless of what industry you are in, it is so important to have a support system and people that understand directly your challenges. Blogger friends will understand these struggles more so than other friends who are not bloggers.

What do you think is the most important tip about blogging?



  1. Amanda Brezovsky
    2016/03 /

    These are all such great tips and agree with all of them! Wonderful job my love. anandabrezovsky.com

  2. Senczyszak
    2016/03 /

    Some great tips!

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