What to Wear on a Date On Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day dates, I don’t like to dress over the top. If anything, I am more of the “meh” attitude.I always say if someone is going to judge you on a date depending on what you wear they are not worth your time. Obviously, don’t show up like you haven’t showered in days, but don’t stress. What to wear on a date on Valentine’s Day though? I say dress for you. Dress to impress yourself. The other tip I always like to follow in deciding what to wear on Valentine’s Day is to get a feel of where your date is going to be. Different places have different vibes. If your plans include skating then don’t show up with a form fitting dress. Dress accordingly to what your day or night holds. I also don’t like going overboard with Valentine’s Day colours. I find wearing red on Valentine’s Day a bit cliché so usually I only add one item that has a pink or red hue. That is a personal preference, but if you love red by all means no one says you can’t. Here are some simple suggestions for potential date outfits you can easily whip out of your closet.

The Modern Casual Date 

Morning Date

The City Date

The Classy Date

The Glam Date

Is there an outfit you gravitate towards to wearing on Valentine’s Day? 



  1. Gabriella Mary Angela
    2016/01 /

    Seeing as Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year, I may just be sporting pajamas all day! lol Great round-ups. Love the looks!xx Gabriellapastelsandpastries.com

  2. Joëlle | La Petite Noob
    2016/01 /

    Great roundup Eleni – it's definitely inspired me to get out of my panda pyjamas and get gussied up for Valentines Day!xo JoëlleLa Petite Noob

  3. Amanda Brezovsky
    2016/01 /

    Dress for you is the perfect idea! Absolutely!! I always love a mix of glam and classy. amandabrezovsky.com

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