12 Online Shops for Statement Necklaces

If there is a piece of jewellery that defines my style is a good old statement necklace. We have established that, in many many posts by now. I just can’t stop adding them to my daily wardrobe and when I don’t wear one, well you know I am not having a good day. I keep receiving emails from some readers about my favourite shops for necklaces so here is my list of some shops that I tend to always go back to…


A UK based shop I was introduced to while living in Greece. I accumulated my collection while I was still in Europe. I haven’t tried shopping from their online store, but if you are in Europe next time it is worth checking it out.


If you prefer more ethnic looking necklaces and in love with colourful stones, this is definitely the shop you want to check out.

Julia Marie

For monogrammed pieces this is the cutest shop and one that has the most options offered when it comes to how you want to look your monogrammed item to look like.


I added BaubleBar to my top list of shops for Statement Necklaces because I like their designs are original and they always collaborate with different designers to keep their designs relevant to trends.

Charming Charlie

I wouldn’t classify this as my crème de la crème statement necklaces, but these are affordable necklaces that can add a little bit of sassiness to your outfit.


Jcrew statement necklaces are ooh lala and definitely defined as your investment pieces. Until everyone starts copying their designs and it goes all down hill from there for me. To date they are the best quality necklaces I have had, and rightly so considering their whooping prizes.



If you are within a strict budget, but still want quality items this is my go to place. H&M has really upped their game in the past year. Their collections are endless and such great statement pieces too from bracelets to earrings and of course necklaces. They do tend to put their jewels on sale quite often so it may also be worth the wait.

Hearts and Krafts

If you are looking for statement pieces that are filled with sparkle and all that glam, I recommend this shop. The pieces are definitely wedding and red carpet worthy.

Shop For Jayu

This is another Canadian brand I love shopping from. Other than the statement necklaces I also love the rings in their collection.

T & J Designs

Another great site with an array of necklaces. They always have amazing sales.

Ily Couture 

Ily Couture is a hit or a miss these days. When I first started shopping from here they only had jewellery available in their shop, now the brand has expanded and they have added clothing as well. I know find their statement necklace collection is limited, but if you love delicate designs they are perfect!

Olive and Piper

I haven’t actually purchased an item from Olive and Piper yet, but I feel a purchase is around the corner. They have some lovely designs depending if your style is minimal or a bit more extravagant.



  1. Amanda Brezovsky
    2016/01 /

    This is a great roundup of stores for statement necklaces! I've visited a few, but haven't heard of some of them. I'll definitely need to check the rest out!amandabrezovsky.com

  2. Jessica
    2016/01 /

    Absolutely love a statement necklace, and pretty sure I keep accessorize in business!! Great post 😊

  3. Raisa
    2017/01 /

    Rhinestone choker necklace it is very beautiful ornaments it is made of original jewelry , It is perfectly designed by manufacturer, They use to make it original materials, prices are reasonable, women can use it in any formal ceremony.

  4. Samia Ambaanae
    2018/03 /

    Awesome collections.I have some versatile statement necklaces from a online shop. Their service was really good. They have very unique and marvelous collection of Statement necklaces which is go with any outfit.

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