Should I splurge on Jeans?

bijuleni-ripped jeans with sweater and heels look

bijuleni-ripped jeans with sweater and heels look

bijuleni-ripped jeans with sweater and heels look

bijuleni-shop for jayu necklace

bijuleni- ripped jeans, heels and purse

bijuleni-ripped jeans with sweater and heels look

bijuleni-burgundy sweater

bijuleni-ripped jeans with sweater and heels look

bijuleni-ripped jeans with sweater and heels look

Sweater: Jean Machine | Jeans: One Teaspoon | Shirt: H&M c/o Mapleview Mall | Heels: JCrew Necklace: Shopfor Jayu | Purse: Aldo c/o Bramalea City Centre | Sunglasses: D&G c/o Holt Renfrew Centre

Should you splurge on jeans? I splurge on many different things in my life,
nevertheless no matter how frivolous I am, jeans are just not something I
believe you should pay more than $50 on. That’s just me. Many sites say splurge
on jeans, and sure if you wear jeans a lot it is worth the splurge, but where
do you draw the line? Experts say for a good pair of jeans you should pay
between $150-$350.

I bought
this little ripped boyfriend jeans pair. They are ripped to
perfection, colour is nicely faded, the zipper at the front is a bit too high,
but that’s ok. Now, were they worth paying $130 pre tax for? I don’t know you
guys. I like them but I don’t love them. I am thinking of all the meals I could have eaten with all that money.
All the urban coffee places I could have taken myself to. I am also thinking,
the $12 pair I got from Forever21 which was just as nice and lasted me 2 years,
but I was wearing it like there was no tomorrow.  I read online that good quality jeans make you feel more confident because they fit like a glove. Well, this is all lies. I once bought a 7 for all mankind jeans, which appeared to fit like a glove the first week, and after felt like I was wearing sweatpants. Did these $200 pair jeans make me feel confident? No, they made me feel super uncomfortable as hell.

Some Options Under $50 

So what’s the answer? Should you splurge on jeans? Yes
and no. I think if you can find a brand that works for you without spending a fortune. Now, if a $200 pair of jeans makes you feel fearless like Kate Moss everytime you walk down the street, sure price doesn’t
matter. But unless you are going to wear those jeans till the end of time, then don’t splurge on jeans. I
certainly don’t think you should splurge $150 for a pair that limits you. For
example, I can’t wear these jeans to work, to a fancy night out, or a casual
business meeting. Embarrassingly enough, when I visited my doctor last week and was wearing these jeans, he said to me “I think you need a new pair of jeans”. Now was he joking? I really don’t think so. He legit thinks this is an old pair of jeans.  If you are going to splurge on a pair of jeans, I suggest
splurging on a classy indigo denim or black jeans. Remember that all expensive jeans do go on sale eventually. I love the boyfriend jeans from J.Crew which range between $125-$250. I always wait for them to go on sale, and usually buy them for $30. Be patient if there is a denim you love.

Jeans to Splurge On:

Dark Wash Jeans

Jeans you will wear on a daily basis

Jeans that are versatile for all occasions

Jeans to Save On:

Distressed Jeans

Coloured Jeans

Patterned Jeans

Shop My Look:

How much would you pay for a pair of jeans?



  1. Joëlle | La Petite Noob
    2015/12 /

    Great post Eleni, and I appreciate your honestly. I'm with you, I have a list of items that I like to splurge on and jeans aren't one of them – plus, the $80 jeans for petites at Toyshop fit me WAY better than any designer jeans out there! You go girlfriend, always love your brutally honest posts!

    • Eleni Kyri
      2016/01 /

      Right? For some reason designer jeans just don't fit right on me either. Maybe it's my body type,but definitely not going to splurge if I don't feel amazing in them.

  2. Kristiana
    2015/12 /

    I think I have those exact jeans. Picked them up in the Aritzia black friday sale. They are sooooo perfectly distressed, and I just haven't been able to distress my own pair quite the same. So I'm glad I splurged on those. At the same time, I'm really sad that I discovered a hole in my last pair of Levis that I've had for almost 10 years. I guess those were $100 well spent! Time to buy a new pair and break them in :)Kris | Love. Loft. Life.

    • Eleni Kyri
      2016/01 /

      HI Kristiana! I have found distressed jeans at Zara too and they were actually perfect as well. Im with you on distressing my own jeans. I have no idea how to do it so I just buy them like that.

  3. Amanda Brezovsky
    2015/12 /

    I agree with you on this totally. The most I spend on jeans is from $50-70. If I was going to go above that, they would be a classic indigo blue without any rips and fit me like a glove without stretching. Other than that, its not worth the price tag!

    • Eleni Kyri
      2016/01 /

      I probably will not spend this much on jeans again, I do love boyfriend jeans though and distressed jeans so I guess it was a combo that I justified on splurging

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