Useful Gift Ideas For Her Under $50

I love giving people gifts, but sometimes it is hard to come up with gift ideas. Especially when you are shopping for Christmas gifts and you have so many people to purchase gifts for. I came up with a list of some generic gifts we all want to add in our lives.

1. Handbag

There is no girl that doesn’t love receiving a purse. There is always room for one more, and Zara has some great quality handbags between the $50.

2. Printed Art

There is a craze for prints right now, and Etsy has so many options. One Canadian Designer I love is Dayna Lee Collection, and I highly recommend. Perfect gift for your girlfriend that just moved into a new apartment.

3. Candles

Did you know annual retail sales for candles in the U.S is 2 billion? I always feel guilty when I spent $20 on a candle for myself. So I say candles are a good gift choice because it is one of those things you want, but will not splurge on.

4. Makeup

My most practical gift. If I know there is a makeup item one of my girlfriends loves then I get it for her. She is happy and I know she will use it.

5.Jewellery Dish

Chic and a must have item that is trending in every decor magazine I have seen. Jewellery dishes are super cute and a fun way to store your jewellery.

6. Kate Spade Earrings

A bit bias, but these Kate Spade studs are currently my obsession. Every time I wear them I always get complimented on them, so I think it’s safe to say if you get them for someone they will love them. Plus, they are Kate Spade, and which girl doesn’t love a little bit of Spade?


7. Cell Phone Case

Another gift I always love to get for friends is a cute case for their phone. I mean, how adorable is this Kate Spade strawberry case, which I do happen to have.

8. Planner

Most people nowadays like using their phone calendar, but there is something about having a traditional planner that everyone loves. Especially a #girlboss, and don’t forget about your teacher friends.

9. Subscription to a Magazine

Is there a magazine your bestie loves? Buy her a yearly subscription. My bestie did that for me, and it was the best gift ever. It is unique and your gift keeps on coming each month.

10. Cute Mug

Coffee mugs have gotten fancy, and it is a hot item. Literally.

11.  Makeup pouches

Makeup pouches tend to get dirty and messy pretty quickly, but it is something that most of us don’t think about replacing. Winners, Sephora and Ted Baker, depending on your budget, have tons of stylish makeup pouches. Usually, I like adding some cosmetic items in it, to make the gift more fun.

12. Passport Case

The most underrated gift has got to be the passport case. For those of you that have friends that love to travel this is a unique gift they will love.


13. Beanies

Essential for those cold winter months, I have been spotting pom pom beanies everywhere. Nicely paired with some fuzzy knee high socks and you gift ready.


14. Statement Necklace

Well, you know me and statement necklaces. I love them. It is expected that it would make my gift guide list. H&M has some beautiful necklaces and for great prices as well.

15. Fur Stole

A fur stole adds instant elegance to any outfit, and this is a timeless gift for any age.



  1. Amanda Brezovsky
    December 11, 2015 /

    Love these ideas!

    • Eleni Kyri
      January 6, 2016 /

      Christmas is always fun to shop for people.

  2. Stripes n Vibes
    December 11, 2015 /

    Wonderful gift guide!Tanyawww.StripesNVibes.comBlogLovin

    • Eleni Kyri
      January 6, 2016 /

      Thank you Tanya. It is always nice to gift people things they actually are going to love.

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