How to Shop at Winners: 6 Easy Steps

How to Shop at Winners - 6 easy and quick steps

My friends are always asking me ” How do you shop at Winners?” or “Where did you get that?” and when I say Winners  90% of the time I get the response “I never find anything there”. Shopping at Winners requires a skill, but it is a skill easily acquired. Keeping up with fashion can get quite pricey, especially when you are looking for quality items that don’t break your budget. I love Winners because it is an affordable place where you can get amazing deals for half the price while maintaining the quality. I have been shopping at Winners since 1998, and as you can imagine I have developed some mad skills when it comes to shopping there.Keep reading below for my tips on how to find the best items and have a successful shopping trip at Winners.

1. Keep Checking and Visit Frequently

Winners is my second home. Over the years of shopping at Winners I have learned that going there once a month is not going to land you one of those #winnersfabfinds. You need to keep checking and make multiple trips. Go there once a week and keep checking back. Winners receives new items every single day of the week. The key to shopping at Winners is to never give up because once those good finds come in they will be gone fast.

2. Look Through the Shoes and Handbags Section First

Ideally, you want to go through these sections first so you can save your energy for the larger sections of clothing. Shoes, you will directly go to your shoe size and handbags are all nicely displayed on the racks, so you can quickly browse through them. What I also love about Winners when it comes to handbags is that they separate them by colour. So if yellow is not your favourite colour you can skip that section of handbags and move on to the next hue. This is a key concept to what makes shopping at Winners easy.

6 tips how to shop at Winners

3. Shop With Your Eyes, NOT Hands

Going through every single rack at Winners will get you nowhere. DO NOT, I repeat do not go through shifting every single rack at Winners, or nay store for that matter. Save your time and energy! Best shopping tip I can give you is to always scout with your eyes around the store as soon as you enter. Once you get into the habit of doing this you will be able to spot any good items that stan out.  I am used to scouting with my eyes when shopping, I now automatically know which items have a good quality material which do not, and which ones I would love to try on. This is not a skill that happens overnight. It takes time. Shopping with your eyes is a quick way to shop, especially when you want to go in and out. Winners can be overwhelming when you are sorting through every single rack. Browse with your eyes through the racks and if no print or design catches your eye, move on. Don’t waste your time going through every single rack. The picture below displays the middle racks. Especially through these racks, you want to browse with your eyes and not hands.

How to have a successful trip at Winners and Marshalls

4. Every Day is a Good Day to Shop at Winners

What’s the best day to shop at Winners? If you are a frequent shopper at Winners then you know they get shipments and new inventory almost every day. So if you are looking for the best day to shop at Winners, unfortunately, there isn’t one. You can find something amazing almost every day you walk in there. To save your time, my pro tip is that new clothing that comes in is usually placed at the front racks. If you visit Winners a couple of times a month, you want to check the front racks first, so you don’t waste your time looking around old items. When you have gone around the perimeter move into the middle racks.

How to Have a Successful Shopping Trip at Winners

5. Check Out The Electronic Accessories Section

If you want to find amazing deals at Winners, check out their electronic accessories section. I have scored here so many goodies from Kate Spade iphone cell phone cases for juts $19.99 to a Marc Jacobs computer case. This is a section most people do not check out, simply because they are not aware of the amazing deals they can find here. Lately, I have noticed that the stores also place lots of electronic accessories near the cash register shelves as well. This depends on the location of the Winners store you are shopping at.

6. Find The Best Winners Locations To Shop At

My last tip is for scoring the best items and finds at Winners is to shop at multiple Winners locations. Also, evaluate Winners based on location and demographics of the location you are visiting.Best Winners in GTA? If you live in Toronto and visit the Yonge & Dundas location you may have noticed this location caters to the masses. It is a location that attracts all kinds of demographics, hence the items they receive are usually ones that will appeal to everyone. I feel this is a good location to start your Winners hunt because you will find something regardless of your style. I also love Winners stores in Oakville. I grew up in Oakville and hand down this is the one Winners where you will find the best designer brands.

How to Shop at Winners and Marshalls


What are your tips for shopping at Winners? 



  1. Tanjico
    2015/11 /

    Good tips for how to shop at Winners. Thanks 🙂

  2. miss t
    2015/11 /

    This is an adorable post. Love it!! Def will try these tips out 🙂

  3. Amanda Brezovsky
    2015/11 /

    All of these are spot on tips Eleni! I used to work at TJMaxx and can tell you everything you said is so true since Winners is the Canadian version of it.

  4. Anonymous
    2015/11 /

    Great tips thank you!

  5. Siobhan Frank
    2015/11 /

    Wonderful tips! It's all about those unique "finds" at Winners.

  6. 2022/02 /

    A tip I use is always go to the end cap of aisles in every department that DOESN’T face the middle of the store. This is where you can find clearance items. These are usually sold ‘as is’ and may have slight damage, are missing a piece of a set or are older inventory. End caps facing into the center of the store are usually stocked with New Arrivals. Remember, if it doesn’t sell in a certain amount of days, it gets a further reduction and sold with the red ‘clearance’ sticker on the price tag

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