#blondestrustblondes – 30 Day Challenge

My Sad Hair Story

Am I a real platinum blonde? No. Is my hair damaged from highlights? Yes. Will I continue to get highlights? Umm, obviously! Have I tried every product to rejuvenate my poor hair? Yes. Am I tired of not having luscious Blake Lively like worthy hair? Yes. Are you a blonde and ready for luscious, healthy, non brassy hair too? When Dessange sent me their California Blonde Hair products to try for 30 days, I started using the products immediately in high hopes to get rid of the brassy,unfortunate tone my hair had turned into. As you can see in the picture below the brassiness is already visible. Read more about my journey of how my hair went from oh so sad to ooh la la.

Before Dessange 


The Scent of the Illuminating Shampoo and Conditioner

Have you ever smelt a midsummer night’s dream? Me neither, but then came along Dessange with its mesmerizing scent and I am pretty sure this is it. I have always been envious of girls that are walking down the street and you can legit smell the goodness of their hair. Let me tell you, you will be one of those girls when you start washing your hair with Dessange. I know it is a product for your hair, but I was tempted many times to use it as body wash. The products smell that good. I just wanted to bathe myself in them.

Quality of Illuminating Shampoo and Conditioner

What I have learned over the years is that you can judge the quality of a shampoo and conditioner depending on how often you have to wash your hair. With Dessange, I went around 3 days, without washing my hair and it didn’t get greasy at all. My hair was still radiant on day 3 and surprisingly, my ends never felt dry, but rather nourished and fresh. After a vacation to the tropics with sun and salt water exposure, my hair needed a rejuvenation. Interestingly enough, even though I decreased the number of times I washed my hair, it got healthier relatively quickly. After each wash, I felt a progression in terms of softness, volume and the conditioner did an amazing job in keeping my hair untangled.

Illuminating Elixir

The Illuminating Elixir leaves your hair shiny and smooth. As soon as I applied the Elixir the first time, it made my hair feel really squeaky. Not sure if that is the best description, but that is what it felt like. Like I was running my fingers along a plastic smooth, shiny surface. Apperantly, you are only supposed to apply it at the ends of your hair. Oops I applied all over my hair, but honestly, it worked miracles for me because it gave my hair shine all over. Now, I don’t know if the hair experts would recommend such a thing, but it worked for my hair! Sleep on it and the next day your hair will feel fab. Each time I used the Elixir on my hair,  I woke up and my hair felt smoother and shinier than ever.

Brass Colour Correcting Creme

If you are a blonde you have probably heard of the infamous blue shampoo (some call it creme). What is the blue shampoo? It has blue pigments that are used to correct the brassiness of your coloured treated hair. Like a true Christmas miracle, even after my first wash, I could see that the brassy tone of my hair was removed. I used the creme once a week, and I left it on about 5 minutes. As time progressed my hair tone was preserved and the brassy tones did not resurface. Another feature I liked about the creme is that it did not stain my hands. Due to its rich blue pigment, other products I have used in the past had a tendency to stain my hands if I didn’t wash them right away. Not this product!

The results

I decided to record my Dessange Challenge with a selfie documentation, so I can also see the progress throughout the month. The lightening always varied because I took the pictures at different times of the day, but I can see a difference. In the picture above you can see my hair had many brassy tones coming through, but by my 8th wash you can see the brassiness has disappeared and my platinum blonde is back on track. Now, my roots are out to get me, but the rest of my hair looks better than ever.

Obviously, hair varies, but I highly recommend the California Blonde products if you are a blonde that needs her hair to turn to ooh la la. I have tried many, many products, but for once I can say I found a line of products I love. Dessange has a range of other products for different hair types. Enter in the box below for your chance to snag your very own Dessange Hair Ritual Pack of your choice valued at $55!

*Thank you to Dessange for these products, seriously a midsummer night’s dream!

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  1. Amanda Brezovsky
    2015/10 /

    Wow, Dessanage sounds amazing and it obviously works! You have incredibly beautiful hair that I'm always jealous of! I literally want to buy this just to see how it smells too haha. You have me so intrigued. amandabrezovsky.com

    • Eleni Kyri
      2015/11 /

      It is an amazing product! I have always struggled to find a good line of hair products for my blonde hair and this is definitely a good one.Eleni xo

  2. Eniwhere Fashion
    2015/11 /

    This is a very good product! I'm blonde and I know very well Dessange! Kisses from Italy,EniEniwhere Fashion Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  3. Eleni Kyri
    2015/11 /

    Hi Eni! Thank you for stopping by. I love it! I am so glad it finally came to Canada.

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