Motivational Monday: Spring Clean your Data

I just did a major purge. Unlike any others this was not a purge of shoes or clothing – it was data. Organizing and decluttering your computer files is one habit you should be religiously practising. Here are my guidelines when cleaning up my laptop.

The photo edit

Cameras going digital has been a blessing and a curse. Not being limited to take only 24 photos per film has been liberating, but a burden as well. Going through albums you realize “Wow I have taken 2,000 photos during this trip.” It is time consuming but go through all the photos and delete the ones that are blurry,bad lighting, not centered, pointless. Keep photos that have a story to tell, photos that will bring a story in mind and obviously beautiful photos. Ask yourself “Am I going to sit down and look through 2,000 pictures?” There are also the other pictures of boyfriends past. Letting go is hard to do, but life moves on. Why are you holding on to pictures of past relationships? Keep one or two of him. Ok, maybe your ex was really ridiculously handsome so maybe keep a handful, but they have to go. If you must hold on to them, I suggest deleting them from your computer and storing them in your external harddrive instead.

Delete, delete

You’d be amazed with the gems you find on your computer. Go through your documents and delete any unwanted files. I always save images on my computer of decor ideas or whatnot, but when I go back to them after a month or so I find myself saying “Eek don’t like this anymore”. Another thing I love about summer cleaning data is the music archives. Don’t gasp! True, music is timeless, but keep your iTunes clean by having only music you love. With the existence of Songza, I have transitioned myself to using their playlists. Instead of downloading music I do not love but do enjoy listening to once in a while, Songza comes very handy. Our computers nowadays have the capacity to store files upon files upon files, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Clear cache |cookies |history

CCleaner is my favourite tool on my computer. I have been an HP user for 15 years. I am not sure if Mac has this feature, but I would safely assume it does. What I love about the CCleaner tool is that it deletes unnecessary files like cache, cookies, files after software installation that your computer builds up while you are browsing the internet. This is not a one time thing (your web browser will continue to rebuild its cache everytime you go on the internet) but if you keep up with using the tool, storage space does become available.


I am very notorious for not checking my email. I have three email accounts: the friend zone, my professional account, and my blogger email. Going through all of those thoroughly on a daily basis is a task I put on hold quite often. Once I started unsubscribing from newsletters life got lighter. I say lighter because every time I saw 700 emails to be read I cringed. It’s something like Feng Sui. You don’t see it but you know it’s there, hovering over your head and fogging up your aura. Unsubscribe – respond-delete or file it. I fell into the bad habit of saying to myself I’ll look at it later. Chances are you are not going to look at that email later, and emails will just keep piling up in your cyber shelf.

Have a backup plan x2

Maybe getting a virus on your computer is devastating, but nothing says Greek Tragedy like loosing all your stored photos and documents. And I am talking loosing 10 years worth of files. They say have an external hard drive for all your files, but what happens when your external hard drive crashes? Well, you loose all your files, you cry for days and because you are so attached to all those memories and important articles you wrote in University you end up paying a hefty price to get that external hardrive repaired. But wait, not at all times your hard drive can be repaired. I recommend burning your photos and files on a DVD in addition to having an external hard drive. You can also use Dropbox or other online storage sites. Your back up plan will at some point crash. Have multiple back up plans. I always said it will never happen to me. It did. Sayonara photos. Au revoir essays.

*all pictures are taken from Pinterest

When was the last time you cleaned your computer of unwanted files?



  1. Amanda Brezovsky
    July 21, 2015 /

    Such a good article and how very true it is. I have an HP and want to look for that cleaner with the cookies and caches. The last time I cleaned out the lap top was a few moths ago. Its always nice to free up some space!

    • Eleni Kyri
      July 21, 2015 /

      Go to your start menu, All programs, Accessories then choose system tools and it is under the name Disk Cleaner. Dish Defragmenter is also a great tool that makes your computer run faster. I also use that as well.Eleni xo

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