How To Spend A Day Touring Harvard

Bijuleni - Harvard Campus, Boston

Last month I travelled to Boston. From mouthwatering seafood to historic
walking tours, to beautiful brown brick buildings, Boston will never be
overrated. I had such a hard time narrowing down what photos to choose
for this post. Boston is so beautiful.

We are always so concerned with catching up with friends, seeing our family, but how often do we have some alone time? Today, I am taking you on a tour around campus. The Harvard Campus that is and I will be sharing with you the lovely date I had with myself. A date that is much deserved by everyone to have. During the discovery date with myself I walked around, made itinerary decisions based on what I felt like doing (at times I didn’t even have an itinerary), I aimlessly walked around, sat here and there, learned some interesting facts about the Harvard campus, I chatted with strangers, I was the epitome of a tourist snapping pictures endlessly, and the end result was a fulfilling date with myself. Here are some guidelines to having a date with yourself around the Harvard campus area.

1.Start at Harvard Square and sign  up to take the Harvard Tour located right beside Au Boin Pain. I took the tour at 11am to maximize my date time.

Bijuleni - Harvard buildings

Before the tour starts grab a coffee or a delicious pastry from Au Boin Pain. A little side note, do not expect to get a flavoured latte in Boston other than at Starbucks. This is not Canada peeps, and coffee shops only carry a non flavoured latte.

bijuleni - au bon pain Harvard

2. When the tour is over that does not mean your time on campus is too. Continue to walk around campus and explore other areas the tour did not cover. Like this lovely spot seen below.

bijuleni - Harvard Campus Tour

3. Don’t be shy. Stop strangers and ask them to snap a shot of you. We are all tourists here. Return the favour and ask them if they want their picture to be taken too with their friends, girlfriend etc. This is a rule of thumb I always follow as a tourist. Return the favour.

bijuleni - Harvard Library

4.Make your way back to Harvard Square. Stop by the COOP. Do you spend hours at Indigo looking through books? Then you will love the Coop. My favourite part of this bookstore was the 3rd floor where I got the chance to look through the books Harvard students purchase for their classes.

bijuleni - the Coop Harvard

4. Up next, walk around Harvard Square. There are so many cute shops especially coffee shops that will have you drooling over their pastries. By this time your tummy will be asking for some food. Crema Cafe was a really cute spot, I highly recommend.Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic.

5. My next mission was a planned one. I headed to A Million Year Picnic, a little comic book store from where I got some Batman comics dating back to the 1930s. Super exciting nerdy things for me. But that’s what your date with yourself is all about! Doing what you love. A Million Year Picnic is a little tiny basement space that is overcrowded with books, and yet extremely organized. As soon as you walk in the smell of books is so incredibly strong that it is what book lovers life for. Ah-mazing.

*pic taken from google.

6. Watch the Harvard Crew Team practice on the Charles River. I thought this only happens in movies, apparently it happens in real life too.

bijuleni - Harvard Crew Team

7. Visit Harvard School of Business. When you cross the Charles River following the N Harvard Street you will discover a less popular spot of the campus where sophomores and juniors reside. Seriously, how gorgeous is this campus? I can’t get over it.

bijuleni - Harvard School of Business Library

bijuleni - wilder building Harvard

bijuleni - harvard campus buildings

8. Take a selfie. Because, why not? This part of campus made my date even better. Less crowded, lovely colonial buildings, plenty of spots to enjoy the sun or hide under the shade, and at last have a serene moment.

bijuleni - selfie Harvard campus

9. Walk along the Charles River path at your own pace.

10. Cross at the John W. Weeks Bridge. Soon after you cross the bridge you will come across a bed of flowers along the river. Take a seat at one of the benches facing the water. Take out your treats, sip on your coffee and take in the surrounding beauty.

bijuleni - Charles River flowers

When was the last time you had a date with yourself? Share your dates!



  1. Amanda Brezovsky
    2015/06 /

    Loved all of these photos from your Harvard date! Are you a Batman fan?? I saw in the comic store that's what you got. I've been into Batman since I was a little girl lol. Really great tips for what to do when you're taking a Harvard tour!

  2. Amanda Brezovsky
    2015/06 /

    Loved all of these pretty pictures from your Harvard date! Are you a Batman fan? I saw when you went to the comic book store that's what you got. I've been a huge Batman fan since I was a little girl. Really great tips for a Harvard tour!

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