What to wear to a Bridal Shower

Wedding season is fast approaching, for some of you it has already began. Bridal showers, bachelorettes, weddings so many events to attend, but what does one wear? Even though fashion rules should not be imposed as everyone has their own fashion sense, there is definitely an etiquette all guests must follow when it comes to attending these events. Let’s not see this as changing our styling preferences but rather as trying to please the bride during her special events. Also, outshining the bride should not be on your to do list, neither should your outfit be the talk of the event, and I mean in a bad away. Sharing with you today the colours you should stay away from for a bridal shower and what to wear.

What not to wear

All White.

The bride may or may not wear white during her events, but the colour white has always been associated with brides. You may love white but this one time make a sacrifice and put that dress/skirt away.


Classic, but you are not attending a funeral. Are you? Save the LBD for the bachelerotte instead.



As for red, it seems too much of a harsh colour for such a lovely event. Some think red is associated with being promiscuous, red is the colour of passion. Are we overthinking this bridal shower code and what to wear to a bridal shower? Maybe, but if you are attending a bridal shower where attendees are an older generation just go by code.

What to wear:

Especially in the summertime you want to wear colours that will brighten up the room. I highly suggest wearing pastels, flowy dresses, party skirts. Anything that will create a beautiful aesthetic. Some brides don’t care what you wear but I think it is nice to have a unified colour palette that is appealing to the eyes. Of course these are only guidelines and it is important to preserve your own style. Just keep in mind these suggestions as a guide.

Solid Pastels

                                                               Printed Inspiration

Last month, I attended a bridal shower for a wedding which I am a bridesmaid for. This is what I wore. Now see what I mean about darker shades.Something about this outfit is just not right. I was supposed to wear a blush coloured belt with this but of course when I need something in my closet I can’t find it. So I went with my only other choice-black. I like the outfit, but I think it would have looked much nicer with a softer shade. All my attention is drawn to the black belt.

Happy Showers Everyone! I’d love to hear what you wear to bridal showers!



  1. Amanda Brezovsky
    2015/06 /

    Love all of the outfits you picked for what to wear! Absolutely agree with wearing outfits that seem to brighton up a room too! Great post!! amandabrezovsky.com

  2. Tara
    2015/06 /

    So many people struggle with what to wear to events- bridal showers, baby showers, weddings etc. I love that you chose light and feminine colours and dresses! Like they say, it's always better to be overdressed then underdressed. Happy Sunday beauty!

  3. Chelsea
    2016/04 /

    Thanks for this post! I am co-hosting a bridal shower for a dear friend and we have many international guests where this is their first shower to attend. I wanted to give them a good idea of what to wear. The pictures and everything you said was very clear. Thank you!

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