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Happy Monday my flaneurs.

Is it really June? And if so, why am I still double layering it with my outfits? Weather has been a roller-coaster and definitely an issue for me lately. I don’t even know how to dress anymore. Warm temperatures in the morning, then afternoon comes and the temperatures have dropped to single digits.And lets not mention that it is raining. But, here comes something to add some warmth. Meet my latest find, an Aztec Jacquard vest. I purchased this Aztec vest because I loved the pattern, then I was questioning myself whether I should keep it. I’ve never owned a vest before, like ever, so the dilemma was great.

Despite the dilemma, I think I will keep it. The quality is amazing. I love the jacquard weaving and how thick the material feels. The pattern may seem busy but the colour combination of navy and white balances out the design well. Considering I do not own any other vests, this is definitely a piece I can justify keeping. On a side note, as you can detect on the photo above I was also attacked by a sea of bugs. Not my best moment.

Vest: Kenneth Cole | Tshirt: Zara |  Pants: Zara | Flats: Gap | Handbag: Elegance Paris (Winners) |  Necklace: H&M | Sunglasses: Paul Smith | Earrings: Kate Spade | Rings: Forever21 | Bracelets: Aldo

If you think I should return this vest speak now, or you shall see this vest on another post again.



  1. melbo102
    2015/06 /

    Keep it!!!

  2. Ana Pau Madero
    2015/06 /


  3. Amanda Brezovsky
    2015/06 /

    I agree with keeping the vest! Its such a unique piece that you can transition through so many different seasons with. Absolutely love these pink pants too! The pretty jewelry details and your bun are so fun too! Lets bring back some of that warm weather now!

    • Eleni Kyri
      2015/06 /

      haha ok I am convinced. I shall keep it.Eleni xo

  4. alex
    2015/06 /

    Keep the vest Eleni! It's great! I'm sure you can wear it in many different ways!

  5. Tamara D
    2015/06 /

    love the vest!

  6. click aqui
    2015/06 /

    cute pants!! you looks very beautiful

  7. alex
    2015/06 /

    I'm writing again because I have come to love this vest! The whole outfit is beautiful!

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