How To Wear Shorts in The Winter

bijuleni - mint sweater

bijuleni - spring look

bijuleni - spring look with mint headband and sweater

bijuleni - sheltie puppy and spring outfit look

bijuleni - sheltie puppy and spring shorts

bijuleni - sheltie puppy and spring shorts

Sweater: Old Navy | Shirt: Old Navy | Shorts: Winners | Shoes: Arturo Chiang | Headband: Forever21 | Purse: Material Girl | Necklace: J.Crew

Obsessed with a couple of things lately. Headbands, the colour mint and puppies. Completely unrelated but all oh so cute. Thanks to Forever21 I’m covered in the headband department. The choices of headband patterns for spring are endless. Flowers, floppy bows, embellished fabrics, jersey headbands. Headbands can be used to dress up an outfit, hide roots that need a little colour touch up, or camouflage greasy hair because sometimes we just don’t have enough time to wash our hair.

 For this photoshoot I had the cutest and most lovable partner in crime, little sheltie puppy Mikey. Committed crime was giving him treats even though he wasn’t listening to my commands, and kind of misbehaving. But how can you say no to such a cute face, and those elegant poses. My heart melts. Sheltie puppies are so friendly and happy. See for yourself below.



  1. Artemisleblog
    2015/04 /

    I really love those colors :)Very nice shooting <

  2. alex
    2015/05 /

    Sooo cute! Beautiful fur!

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