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Hello my cyber flaneurs. I’m off to a tropical destination today. My Mediterranean roots have been longing for the sun, and yet I choose to fly away to ever cold Boston. Super excited never the less to explore as I get into 100% tourist mode when I travel. I don’t know what on earth I was thinking, but at the time of booking my ticket I thought it was a brilliant idea to only have a carry on and no suitcase. The outcome? Packing for Boston has become a complete and outer disaster! What do I pack? What do I leave out? Are 4 pairs of shoes too much for a 4 day trip? Do I need to bring my winter coat to Boston? Rainboots? How many jeans? To make your life easier for future travels I have compiled a list for you of what to pack for a weekend trip during somewhat cold weather. I am the worst when it comes to packing light, but I have set myself some guidelines that I will now always follow when I am going on a weekend trip.

While Travelling Wear:

Oversized cardigan

Medium weight coat

Boyfriend jeans or leggings

Flat booties or the pair of shoes that takes up the most room in your carry on

scarf if you deem necessary

purse with a strap (strap absolutely necessary when travelling)

In your carry on:

A pair of socks (to keep your feet warm)

2 pairs of flats (one casual, one dressy)

1 tank top ( I like wearing one underneath a top if it gets too cold)

5 tops (there’s nothing worst than feeling like you have nothing to wear)

 a dress or a skirt (just in case, but you can leave out depending on your weekend plans)

1 bottom (whether it is pants, shorts or another pair of jeans)

I added another fitted cardigan. You can omit or even add another jacket

You can bring as many underwear as you like. I usually stuff them in the empty purse (make sure you put them in a dust bag first)

 1 small purse for evenings

4 accessories

1 toiletry bag

My gadgets I always carry with me in my purse and not carry on. For weekend trips I never bring my laptop, but I do opt for the iPad.

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  1. Anonymous
    2015/04 /

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    • Eleni Kyri
      2015/06 /

      My pleasure!! I just placed my order for one of your skirts. I am super excited to style it!!

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