Mellow Bambi

My cyber flâneurs , long awaited March is finally here, which can only mean one thing – so close to spring. Starting of the new month with pastel hues and an animal sweater, I am looking forward to adding more colour in my life. This animal sweater is one of my favourites, not only because of the beautiful hue of mint, but I also have a soft spot for all animal sweaters. I’ve come to refer to this as my “Bambi” sweater. Please if you come across more animal sweaters give me a shout, because they are adorable.

Jacket: Winners (old), Skirt: Winners, Animal Sweater: Target, Heels: J.Crew, Purse: Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses: Paul Smith (Winners), Earrings/Rings: Forever21, Bracelets: Forever21, Kate Spade, Watch: Michael Kors


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  1. alex
    2015/03 /

    Welcome spring! Lovely bright skirt Eleni! I love the way it matches the color of the sweater!

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