How To Wear Colored Tights In The Winter

Love colored tights, but don’t know how to style them? Join the club. My go-to is black or grey tights, but I recently started experimenting with various colors. To add more color in the mundane shades of winter and to make my outfits more fun, I started wearing more coloured tights instead of the boring black and grey pair.  Colored tights can be a bit intimidating but you can totally pull it off.

Styling my coloured tights with my everyday black skirt and Chanel purse.Pairing your bright tights with your everyday skirt How to pull off wearing yellow tights in the winter as an adult. Black skirt with graphic top, cardigan and yellow tights. Wearing my colored tights in the winter with my everyday black skirt and Chanel purse.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take a Risk By Wearing Colored Tights In The Winter

When you first add a colored pair of tights into the mix of your outfit, you will feel like something is off. Fear not, you do not look ridiculous in your colored tights. You’re just not used to it. Break the habit of sticking to neutrals, add some color in your life, and have fun with winter.

Complement Your Bright Tights By Pairing Them With a Neutral Outfit

A monochromatic outfit is my go-to option for complementing colored tights. Neutrals and earthy tones are always an easy way to pull off this look when you are an adult. As you can see my outfit is pretty monotonous other than the yellow tights. For a simple and effortless look, I paired my color tights with a black skirt to add depth to the whole outfit.  Also, minimize the color palette of your outfit.  Try to limit the colors of your outfit to 3  and don’t go wild trying to bring in all the colors of the rainbow. I also recommend wearing a top that complements the color of your tights for the perfect balance. Toning down your bright tights allows you to make a bold statement without standing out too much.

Choose The Opacity of Your Colored Tights

If you are thinking wearing colored tights in the winter is not for me, why not slowly introduce yourself to the style? Ease yourself into this look by opting for the sheer tights. If you are not ready to take a big leap of faith to colored tights this is a great way to take baby steps. Mine are opaque, but if you feel more comfortable you can start with a pair that is a bit sheer.

Contrast the Color of Your Tights and Shoes

Pair your colored tights with a pair of black booties for contrast. A darker-toned shoe will pull away the attention from your tights.

Finish Your Look With A Cardigan

To complete your outfit add a cardigan or a coat. I choose both since it is winter and I want to stay cozy.  You can also pair this look with a leather jacket if you want to add an edge to it.



  1. alex
    2015/01 /

    Oh! I love this outfit Eleni!!!Tthe colour of the tights is my favourite! I got a skirt of the same colour a few days ago! I LOVE IT!

  2. alex
    2015/02 /

    I keep coming back to check on this outfit Eleni! I TOTALLY LOVE IT! I want it!

  3. konsta Fysika
    2015/02 /

    Master of colors combination!!!

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