How To Style Graphic Sweaters


bijuleni - winter shorts and burgundy coat

bijuleni - weekend winter look

bijuleni - bird sweater

bijuleni - everyday winter shorts look

bijuleni - winter shorts with mint sweater

bijuleni - bird mint sweater

bijuleni - animal print top

Coat: Vero Moda, Sweater: Target, Shorts: GAP, Tights: Calvin Klein, Boots: Forever21, Polka dot socks: Target Sunglasses: Paul Smith, Purse: Louis Vuitton, Earrings: gift, brand unknown

Shorts in the winter. Girls, you do not know what you are missing. If I could wear this every single day, I would. It is the most comfortable thing in the world, at least for me, and I still preserve my warmth by adding the tights in the mix. Now, the look is not for everyone, but it’s a nice deviation from jeans. This is definitely one of my signature looks for winter.

A side note about my LV Speedy 35. I will do a full review at some point, but I definitely have buyers remorse about this one. Well, it is a bitter-sweet relationship. I was excited when I got it 7 years ago. Today’s it bag is Celine, back then it was the LV Speedy. I really didn’t think the purchase through, I just had to have it. I do adore it, but if you’re paying so much money for a purse, its structure should be flawless. What I dislike is that if you place too many items in it, it sags, and overall the purse does not have a sturdy form. This particular design also has no strap, so I always have to carry it on my arm, which gets pretty tiring after a while. Some people love the saggy look, but this is a lady who lunches bag. I feel it should be more classy looking than sloppy. * In the pictures it doesn’t look like the purse is sagging because I only have my wallet and cellphone in it, but you can see how the form is not shaped well.



  1. alexandrulini
    2015/02 /

    The sweater is so cute Eleni! Can I have one of the same color, please???The photo shoot setting is great, too! It totally matches the outfit! GREAT!

  2. konsta Fysika
    2015/02 /

    Snowing outfit????❄️❄️❄️

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