How To Look Cute In The Winter While Staying Warm

Winter can be so blah but that doesn’t mean your outfit has to feel that way too.  Just because it’s freezing out, it doesn’t mean you stop caring what your outfit looks like, adopt an “anything goes” attitude. Creativity and looking as well as feeling amazing doesn’t end with the coming of winter. If you are looking to look a little cuter this winter so you can get through the winter, keep reading my tips for dressing when it’s cold outside.

Find Cute Accessories to Wear With Your Outfit

Winter accessories can be so fun. Not only do winter accessories look cute they also keep you super warm when it’s freezing. Accessories are also a quick, easy, and affordable way to dress up your outfit instantly. Even if you have a boring outfit, add a cute hat or a colourful scarf and you just leveled up your outfit from blah to fab.  I love the bow hat with the netting details. I feel so chic and put together when I wear it in the winter.


My go-to accessory is always a cute hat. Not only will a hat keep your head warm it will also complete the look of your winter outfit. You can play around with the types of hats you add in your winter wardrobe. I personally love beanie pom pom hats because they keep you very warm and they add flare to your look. You may also opt for cute earmuffs, a wool fedora hat, or a chic french beret.


I never leave the house without a scarf in the winter. From plaid scarves to blanket scarves to daring animal patterns there are so many options when it comes to scarves. You can also read my tips How To Wear a Cape to Level Up Your Everyday Outfit


You can’t survive winter without this essential accessory. I love having both neutral and bold colour gloves so I can alternate depending on what activity I am heading to and also what the rest of my look is. Even though leather looks cooler than wool or velvet, I like to keep my glove options practical and cozy.If you are looking to look a little cuter this winter so you can get through the winter,keep reading my tips for dressing when it’s cold outside.Level up your everyday winter outfit with some simple hacks

Looking cute in the winter with a practical outfit

Add Layers To Your Outfit 

The best winter hack to staying warm in the winter is adding layers. Also what a better way to make your outfit stylish. It is easy, warm and a key component in keeping your outfit practical for winter.  I love the hack of layering in the winter. I always layer my sweaters with a thermal top or a colourful button down shirt showing off the collar to add a fun element to the outfit.Everyday looks in the winter don't have to be boring. Pulling off looking cute while staying warm

Choose Winter Boots With A Touch of Colour 

Winter boots are essential in keeping you warm, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. I always say if your feet are warm the rest of your body will be warm too. Most winter boots out there are pretty boring, but if you look you will always find cute winter boots that are still practical in design. I love my SOREL boots because even though they are super cute, they are very durable and warm. I also love how street salt doesn’t destroy these at all because of the rubber sole and my feet still remain ultra warm.Tofino Sorel Boots with pink laces and skinny jeans

Looking cute in the winter in a parka, skinny jeans paired with Sorel boots and a colourful beanie hatFind a Winter Coat With a Cute Detail On It 

Have fun with your winter coat shopping and try thinking outside of the box. .Switching up your winter coat colour is one the easiest ways to make your winter outfit look cute. Most of the styles in the market are black but opt for a winter coat that is burgundy, forest green, or light grey. Life during winter is pretty monotonous as it is, and adding a winter coat that is not the convectional black instantly adds a unique spin to your outfit. As you can see my coat is black but it has a nice metallic trim which makes the coat pop and it also has the cutest bow details on it.Cute outfit for the winter


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