My Favourite Outfit From Winners


“I can’t find anything at Winners when I shop”. That is a phrase I have heard by many, but will not utter myself. Simply because half of my wardrobe comes from there. I visit Winners at least twice a week, I am borderline addicted. At times it can be a challenge, but most of the time I find something I love. It seems natural for me to dedicate a blog post entirely to Winners, because if I could, I would probably live in the store.





 All of items pictured above are from Winners:

bow t-shirt


crossbody purse


Celine Sunglasses



scarf:  H&M

beanie hat : Fullah Sugah

jeans: J.Crew



  1. Jeanne
    2014/12 /

    Stunning sunnies and beanie combo Eleni!♥♥♥Jeanne

  2. lucia m
    2014/12 /

    lovely look !

  3. Lenya
    2014/12 /

    I see you are now following my blog. Thank you so much. It's very nice to meet you, Eleni. I followed you back on GFC. I love the outfit. You manage to pull off this look effortlessly, just trendy! Love everything about it! My g+ for you.xoxLenyaFashionDreams&Lifestyle

  4. rae t
    2014/12 /

    I love how laid back and casual these jeans are! You look super pretty, darling! rae of love from berlin

  5. alex
    2014/12 /

    I love spending hours …..and hours….. and hours in Winners! It's true though !I never find the things you do!

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    2015/09 /

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  7. ayman mania
    2015/09 /

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