the jersey dress – evening casual

H&M jersey dress, bijuleni

The Basic Collection at H&M is filled with essential items, such as tank tops, plain pencil skirts, leggings etc. My most coveted item of the collection is the jersey dress. Dress comes in different patterns and colours depending on the season. So for this week’s post I decided to show you how versatile the dress is, and honestly, you can style it in so many different ways. Up first is how you can wear the jersey dress as evening casual.

The other part of this ensemble I love is the burgundy cardigan. As I mentioned in my about me section, I love mixing high and low end brands. Whenever I wear this cardigan I always get compliments on it. Of course when people ask me where I got it from and I say Walmart, they are

bijuleni, jersey dress

jersey dress, bijuleni


bijuleni, jersey dress

jersey dress,bijuleni, H&M


Coat: DKNY (from Winners), Jersey dress: H&M,  Cardigan: Walmart, Scarf: Chanel, Clutch: Moss Copenhagen (from Winners), Flats: Gap (similar), Belt: Calvin Klein, Sunglasses: Juicy Couture, Earrings: Spring



  1. alex
    2014/12 /

    always beautiful and très chic!

  2. Cara Northcutt
    2014/12 /

    H&M basics are great! I love how you paired this dress with the vibrant cardi!xx

    • Eleni Kyri
      2014/12 /

      Hi Cara! I know i love their basic collection because it's so easy to style up or down.

  3. Konstantina
    2014/12 /

    I like the way you are thinking……

  4. Katarina
    2014/12 /


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