September 20, 2016

Timeless Accessories + Jord Wood Watch Review

Dress: Zara | Sandals: Forever21 | Necklace: H&M | Sunglasses: Quay Australia | Handbag: Chanel c/o Lovethatbag Watch: c/o Jord 

With fast-fashion being out of control, there is nothing I love more than accessories and pieces that do not have an expiry date in the fashion world. As a girl and a style blogger, I will admit that I purchase lots of accessories throughout the year, but investing in timeless pieces is definitely something I always consider. There are two timeless pieces that every girl should have in her closet: a classy handbag and a luxury watch.  

Chanel Handbag

Not that Chanel needs to be introduced, but this is the epitome of classy. Even though Chanel prices are skyrocketing by the minute, there is hope for all of us to add a little bit of classy in our lives. Pre-loved handbags are a much more affordable way to go if you are looking to purchase a Chanel handbag. I have been looking for a Chanel Vintage Jumbo Flap bag for more than a decade, and it is true. Good things come to those that wait. My favourite shop for luxury handbags is Reliable and trustworthy, they always have classy pieces that will revamp even your most boring outfit. 

Wood Watch Review

The latest timeless accessory I am loving and obsessing over are wood watches. All the millennials seem to depend on their iPhone to check what time it is. Nevertheless, watches are making a strong come back into our lives and for a good reason. Watches are timeless, and such a unique gift for both men and women. In this post, I am wearing the Frankie purple heart and plum, from Jord Wood Watches and I have to say it stole my heart. I mean, that colour is just stunning. I don't think I have ever seen a watch of a similar colour before. What I love the most about this watch, is that wood watches can be worn wear all the time, for any occasion. I definitely wear mine all the time, and tahnk goodness I stopped depending on my iPhone for the time. Best part about my Frankie watch is that it is affordable yet very luxurious, and super versatile. Apart from the fact that the watch is unique on its own due to the wood material it is made of, it is the perfect combination of elegance and hip. Which is why I want to treat you to a special giveaway! 

There will be one winner chosen at random who will win a $75 e-voucher to shop your favourite wood watch!  Everyone who enters (excluding the winner) will get a $20.00 e-gift card that can be applied to any watch on the Jord website! So definitely worth entering even if you don't win!


September 12, 2016

Pizza Party with Dr. Oetker

Toronto is known for its festivals. From the Jazz Festival to Caribana to OVO Fest, but nothing brings more life to the city than TIFF. So Friday afternoon, our love for movies and food brought Kamiran and I to downtown Toronto for an amazing start to the weekend. First stop was the Roy Thompson Hall to watch Magnificent Seven. First Western I ever watched, certainly not the last. So if you love any classic Westerns let me know!

Our next stop for the day, was clearly to get food. Assuming you watch my snaps on snapchat (bijuleni), the primary focus of our outings is always food. One food though that we always choose to eat at home is pizza. Without having to deal with the mess and fuss of making pizza ourselves, our choice is always Dr. Oetker Ristorante Ultra Thin Crust Pizza. I started eating Dr. Oetker pizzas back in the day of undergrad and honestly haven't stopped eating them since. So when we found out that Dr. Oetker was having a food truck station for TIFF on King Street, we knew we had to go. Kam's favourite thing about Dr. Oetker gourmet pizzas is how ultra thin they are and also how they always have just the right amount of sauce on them. No one wants to eat pizza that's drenched in sauce. Am I right? What I love about Dr.O though is that it truly tastes like a homemade pizza. Dr. Oetker is the real deal. None of that cardboard taste which is usually the case with other frozen pizza brands. Ultra thin crust, fresh tasting veggies, delicious cheese, and well flavoured; I am happy to eat Dr. Oetker any time of the week.

Kamiran and I had a blast at the Dr. Oetker food truck. Kam was too busy devouring the Spinach and Provolone ultra thin crust pizza, while I was double tasking by eating pizza and actually going inside the food truck and seeing a little behind the scenes action. I even got my very own Dr. O hat. Yes, I asked for one and the staff at Dr. Oetker were so friendly, they gladly gave me one. From eating my fave ultra thin crust pizza to chatting with the staff, it was as if I was eating lunch right at home.I personally love the Roasted Veggie and Goat Cheese one, while Kam is all about the Oven Roasted Chicken and Peppers. But I have to admit that all the Dr. Oetker Ristorante Ultra Thin Crust Pizzas taste so good that we usually alternate between flavours when we have it at home.

Overall, I think there is a misconception that frozen pizzas do not taste as good as the real thing, but coming from a family of restaurateurs I can attest that Dr. Oetker pizzas are delicious. I even love serving it to my girlfriends before a girls’ night out. Because the crust is so thin, you never get that bloated feeling you do with other pizzas. And ladies, I think we all agree that there is nothing more annoying than feeling bloated on a night out. Dr. Oetker pizzas fill you up without having the bloated feeling afterwards. Also, great snack to serve with some wine. Have you ever tried Dr. Oetker pizzas? What’s your favourite flavor?

*This post was sponsored by Dr. Oetker, but I have been eating Dr. Oetker since 2004 and the opinions are completely my own based on my experiences.
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