January 11, 2016

101 things in 1001 days

The new year has arrived and everyone has most likely come up with their New Year Resolutions lists. I came up with my own last year, in this post. Let's be honest, I miserably failed to complete all of these. There is something about lists we all love though. Lists motivate you, inspire you, make you feel more organized and crossing off items off your list gives you an internal satisfaction that you have succeeded in something. You feel a sense of accomplishment. I have definitely had my share of failed lists. Not going to lie, we all have. When I came across Design Darling's 101 things in 1001 days, I knew this was a list I had to create for myself and with 1001 days to complete it, the list seems attainable and better than New Year Resolutions.


1. Get engaged (I feel I should be ready in 1001 days)
2. Organize my photos and itunes library on computer
3. Adopt a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy
4. Declutter the apartment from unused items 
5. Save $100 for each list item completed
6. Paint once every two months
7. Move into a bigger apartment
8. Host a holiday at our home
9. Actually use my planner
10. Host a dinner party


11. Maybe, just maybe do my PhD (undecided about this one)
12. Find an organization to volunteer regularly
13. Read a book every 3 months
14. Watch 20 Documentaries
15. Take a photography class
16. Improve my Spanish
17. Grow professionally


18.Update and stick to a decor theme for the apartment
19. Add the Hangisi Satin Pump to my collection 
20. Create a must have item list for my closet
21. Donate clothing I haven't worn in years 
22. Shop more often from local boutiques
23. Purchase a Lady Dior Handbag
24. Find a cute yet efficient suitcase 
25. Wear more form fitting clothing
26. Buy a proper winter coat
27. Upholster my desk chair 
28. Invest in quality pieces
29. Organize my closet 


30. Annual shopping trip to Rochester with my girls
31. Hot air balloon Festival in Montreal
32. Take a weekend trip to the States
33. See the Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo
34. Go away for my 30th birthday
35. Go on a random girl's trip
36. Visit my sister in Greece
37. Roadtrip to Quebec City
38. Visit Paris


39. Explore the museums (Bata Museum, AGO, ROM, Castle Loma)
40. Visit the Christmas Market in the Distillery District
41. See the Cherry Blossoms in High Park
42. Play Escape Room with friends
43. Go to 20 different coffee shops
44. Have a picnic at Toronto Island
45. Take a roadtrip to 1001 islands
46. Attend the Lavender Festival
47. Try 20 new restaurants
48. Visit Allan Gardens
49. Attend Queen's Plate

Family and Friends

50. Make a scrapbook for my brother, sister and parents
51. Paint something for my brother's dining room wall
52. Watch a Blue Jays game with my brother
53. Frame my graduation photo for my parents
54. Take a tropical vacation with my mom
55. Send just because cards to 8 friends
56. Remember Komal's birthday
57. Catch up with an old friend
58.  See my brother more often
59. Help someone in need


60. Get my nails done at her Majesty's Pleasure
61. Find the perfect product for healthy hair
62. Go to a Hammam Spa 
63. Treat myself to a Spa Treatment
64. Actually use my steam room
65. Get on a meaningful tattoo
66. Have my eye lashes tinted
67. Try microdermabrasion
68. Take a makeup class
69. Laser Hair Removal 


70. Go to bed by 11:30pm for a month (except weekends)

71. Eat out less often for dinner and cook more at home

72. Eat healthier, and reduce my card intake

73. Be vegan once a week, every month
74. Make my own lunch 3 days a week
75. Drink 2 L of water every day
76. Eat salad three times a week
77. Work out 5 days a week
78. Find out my blood type


79. Do a photoshoot with my sister and niece
80. Have a photoshoot with Kamiran 
81. Establish an editorial calendar 
82. Collaborate with more brands
83. Attend a blogger conference
84. Polish the look of my blog
85. Connect with 10 bloggers
86. Publish How-To posts
87. Post more regularly
88. Create a Media Kit
89. Start a blog series

Fun Activities

90. Go on a Credit Valley Explorer Tour
91. Take the Agawa Canyon Tour 
92. Attend a Jessie Ware Concert
93. Kayak down the Humber River
94. Go to a psychic with a friend
95. Take Belly Dancing Classes 
96. Watch 10 classic movies
97. Find a new series I love 
98. Get my tarot cards read
99. Zip lining with Kam
100. Go Dog Sledding 
101. Go apple picking

Who else will give 101 in 1001 days a try?


  1. Oh my goodness, I loveeeeee this list! So many of these I would love to accomplish too. Its great to have a visual to look at when trying to accomplish things. I know it always helps me. If you need any classic movie recommendations just let me know! They are my favorite and speciality :)


    1. Yes please! Send me over some classic movies. I don't know where to start.Too many choices.

  2. This is such a great idea! I might give it a try, although the idea is a bit daunting haha. Trying to think of all of these and it definitely forces you to stop and think about your life in general. I just did 4 goals for this year and doing that took a lot. You've got some great ones though :)
    The Fashionista Bubble

    1. I always complain I don't do things, but when I want to do something I get overwhelmed. So I think this will help and give me sufficient time to accomplish.

  3. Oooo I love this idea, and love your list. Especially loving the getting engaged one (my fingers are crossed for you)... also love host a dinner party as I am wanting to do that too, it would be lovely.... Oh and belly dancing class! Happy Monday

    Filipa xxx
    PlayingWithApparel.com | Instagram

    1. lol I follow the philosophy dream big or don't dream at all.I love themed dinner parties.

  4. I absolutely LOVE this idea, and all of the items on your list! I'm a huge list person, and may need to try out everything on your Toronto list as well!

    xo Joëlle
    La Petite Noob

    1. We should totally tackle the Toronto list together. I will need a partner in crime.

    2. I hope #35 is with me!!!


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