June 12, 2015

Travel Diary - Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum Courtyard, Boston
I am your typical tourist. I photograph beautiful landscapes, I pause to admire the detailed architecture of buildings, I gasp every time I see a delicious dessert and must eat it, I chat with locals any chance I get to get suggestions about the places I must go to. Essentially I get excited over every little detail when I travel. If you are a tourist like me who must go to all the museums there are in a city then brace yourself because Boston is one city that will have you crying over the impossibility of squeezing everything in.

bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum Courtyard, Boston

bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum Courtyard Garden, Boston

bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum Courtyard Garden, Boston
bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum Architecture, Boston

One the most unexpected beauties in Boston was the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. As the title suggests this is a museum, but oh my it is so much more. I saw a picture of the museum's courtyard garden in my guidebook and not having read anything about it, I told my friend Kat,we have to go. Call it a hunch, call it pure luck we were both blown away by this not so hidden beauty. Apparently it is the place to be. 

bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum Courtyard Garden, Boston

bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum Courtyard Garden, Boston

bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum artifacts, Boston

I loved taking pictures of this preserved floral paradise. Every step I took, I had to pause and take another picture. I even had the pleasure of photographing this beauty. My friend, Kat,  who was my amazing host during my trip to Boston. We adored the history that was displayed in each room on all four floors (unfortunately no pictures allowed in the rooms where all the artifacts are). The astonishing courtyard garden though acts as a bridge to unite the past with the present, and merge the still life of the sculptures and artifacts with the growth of the plants. 

bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum, Katarina Vulic

bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum architecture details, Boston

bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum Courtyard Garden, Boston

Defining the museum as breathtaking is an understatement. I love nature, I love buildings and history, I love places that have a story to tell. And this is not just a museum, it does have a story to tell. The story of lady Isabella Stewart Gardner is very intriguing and may I say daring if one considers the role of women during that era. Isabella was a woman that dared to be different and used her inherited fortune from her father to create something unique amidst this building. She collected religious artifacts from all over the world and little by little her collection continued to grow. Finally the grand opening of the museum took place in 1903. You can define Isabella as a philanthropist, an art collector but what she really was, is a woman that had a vision to educate the public.

bijuleni - Isabella Gardner Museum mosaic activities, Boston

Did I mention the museum offers activities for everyone to participate in? We loved making our little mosaic coaster. Such a fun break from all the walking and information overload when looking through a museum. The perfect way to end our visit in this sanctuary. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and don't forget to stop by ISGM!



  1. You and your friend Kat are so beautiful!! I never heard of this museum/gardens before, but it looks increadible. A definite must see if you are in Boston. Looks very relaxing and peaceful there too. Hope you have a great weekend!!


    1. It is definitely a museum you need to visit! We didn't know what to expect but it surpassed all of our expectations.


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