March 26, 2015

Travel Diary - Top 10 places to Visit in Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Having a Greek background, ruins are all I know. So when I visit Rome, I am not taken aback by all the classical ruins, or the 2000 years old temples. Been there, done that sort of deal. I am however, taken aback by the authentic Italian atmosphere the city transpires. The beautiful flowers laid down the Spanish steps, the romantic mood of Fontana de Trevi, the lively crowd and the talented artists at Piazza Navona during an evening walk. Been to Rome twice, and I would love to go back once more. 

Each time you go to the Eternal City, you always discover another new thing you missed last time. You see the city with a different lens each time, as if you have never been there before. My photographs definitely do not do the city justice, as back then I did not have a professional camera as I do now. I also did not use to take many photos on my trips, I was more concerned with experiencing the moment rather than documenting in my camera. Something which of course has drastically changed for all of us in the digital era we are living in. But you will have to go to Rome and experience this beautiful city for yourself. 

Top 10 Places to Visit
The Colesseum
Roman Forum
Fountain De Trevi
Spanish Steps
St Peters Basilica
Campo De' Fiori
Villa Borghese Park
Jewish Ghetto 
Musei Capitolini

Anyone else been to Rome? Happy Travels my Flaneurs! 


  1. Beautiful Roma <3

  2. Τhe pictures are awesome and I can really feel the heartbeat of the Eternal city! Hopefully, I'll manage to go soon!!! I love Europe! So many things to see and experience!

    1. Right? The pictures don't do it justice, but it is for sure a city I recommend to visit.


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