March 19, 2015

Travel Diary - 8 Things to Do on A Day Trip To Venice

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

Part 3 of 4 of my Italian travels. The gondolas, the live music, the masquerade masks, the lively crowd, and more gelato. It is a tough call to decide which Italian city is the most beautiful. Venice is known for its romantic elements, hence why oh so many marriage proposals occur in this city of romance. 

What To Do on A Day Trip in Venice

1.Go on a Gondola Ride

Gondola rides are rather expensive. Are they worth it? I think so. I mean you are in Venice, where else are going to get a chance to ride in a gondola? When I went the price was 100 euros for half an hour, but you can easily pair up with other people and share the cost. Now, it may not be as romantic if you are going with your significant other, but it is a tough call you will have to make.

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

Visit Basilica di San Marco

Basilica di San Marco was breathtaking. Dare I say I loved it more than St. Peters? The liens are usually insane, so I would suggest goign there early in morning and lining up before the crowds come. Dress appropriately so that you are not denied entrance. Both the exterior and interior view of the Basilica are breathtaking. Basilica di San Marco is said to date back to the 9th century which was later rebuilt in 932 due to a fire, but its beauty is still so captivating that it withstands time.The basilica is dressed in mosaics with beautiful 24-carat gold leaf fused onto the back of each glass which creates an illuminating light like no other. I would also recommend you visit the external terrace of the Basilica if you want to see the breathtaking view of the port and a bird's eye view of the square. Note you will need to buy the ticket to access San Marco's Museum in order to access the terrace.

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

See a Bird’s-eye View of Venice
Originally built between 888 and 912, the Campanile or also known as the Bell Tower is the city’s tallest building and the best spot to see the whole city from a bird's eye view. Capturing the sights of Venice like the lagoon, Venetian buildings and the Dolomites (Mountain range in Italy) in the far distance. Unfortunately, my camera died when we went up, but you will just have to go to see the view for yourself. 

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

Have Coffee at Piazza San Marco
What I loved the most about Venice was Piazza San Marco. The cafes are all lined up side by side with such an authentic feel of the Venetian aristocracy. You can enjoy your coffee by watching the crowd go by, or admire Basilica di San Marco. There are also tons of pigeons which you should be cautious of, but definitely the best photo op ever. Sometimes, not so friendly those feathered entities, but do it for the gram!lol.

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

Bijuleni - Travel Guide for a Day Trip in Venice

Eat Gelato 
Italy is all about the gelato tastings. I tried two different gelato shops during my day trip to Venice. If you want some options of places to gelato places to visit while in Venice here are some options:
Gelateria Ca' D'oro

Murano Creations 
Venice is known for Murano. What is Murano you ask? Murano glass is a special type of glass that is made on the Venetian island of Murano. Murano glass is known as the fancy, vibrant than life glassware. At first you think ok, a tour of how to make murano glassware, but honestly it is worth your time. I loved watching the glassblowing demonstration, and how the artist took matter and turned it into something. The entire process was mind blowing. It was out of this world seeing the glass morph into a vibrant curated art piece. 

Take a Picture at the Bridge of Sighs 
Because that is the only thing you can do when it comes to the Bridge of Sighs. The bridge is a nice photo op, but the fact that there is no accessibility to the bridge is rather annoying. Those who enjoyed it appreciated the details of the architecture and unique placement of the bridge, saying it was a nice photo op, especially while the gondolas passed underneath it. Just looking at the bridge is underwhelming, so it doesn't really offer much to tourists. Some guided tours allow access t to the bridge so you may consider doing that if it is on your list of sites to see up close. 

Palazzo Ducale
The view from the Palazzo Ducale is so serene. Facing the Venetian Lagoon it honestly feels like you are floating on water. Which may as well happen in a few decades since Venice is known as the sinking city. This Palace is interesting because so much history comes with it from hidden doors to secret passageways, there is more to this palace than just intriguing architecture. I would recommend purchasing/booking your tickets in advance as you will be facing an hour long line before you can get in.

Happy Travels!


March 18, 2015

2015 Spring Trends and Must Haves

Hooray for spring. Just a couple of days away my cyber flâneurs, and what a better way to start the new season other than shopping this weekend for this spring's essentials. After some thorough research of this year's spring trends, and from my personal favourites of what I believe makes a spring wardrobe, I compiled a list of 10 must have items for this spring season. Sp here's my guide as to how you can refresh your spring look for 2015.

Spring trends 2015, overalls, nautical, stripes, trench coat, trends 2015, bijuleni, coloured pants, floral tops, fringe,ballet flats, boyfriend jeans, block heels

1.Fringe me up 
I've got fringe and tassels on my mind. A big spring trend this year, especially when it comes to accessories. from the movement the fringe and tassels create to the whimsical element they add to the loo, this is definitely a favourite of this year's spring trends.

2. Floral Prints 
Spring forecast is blooming with florals. Floral prints will always be a must have item for your spring collection. I mean, who doesn't love blooms?  It's self explanatory. 

3.Lady/mini bag
How adorable is this mini bag trend? For those of you that carry their entire life in their purse, probably not the most practical trend for you this season. But, carrying a mini bag can be liberating from everyday burdens since you can only carry essentials. 

4.Block heels
Haven't bought a pair of block heels yet, but they are oh so adorable and far more comfortable than stilettos. You can stroll the streets without your feet aching. 

Maybe you were seeing spots for a while, but this spring all you will be seeing are stripes. Obsessed with anything that has stripes lately, a trend I will be coveting quite a bit.

All the cool kids will be wearing overalls this spring. Will you be one of them? Another practical and comfortable item that will be part of this spring's trends. Denim overalls can look a bit outdated if not styled right, so try to keep your look as modern and chic as possible. 

7.Trench coat
You don't know what you are missing until you own a trench coat. Life saver. Makes you look classic on the outside when underneath you could be wearing a pyjama top. No one will suspect. 

8. Ballet flats
Not necessarily a trend this year, but ballet flats always come out of our closet in the spring. You have been wearing a monotone palette all winter, so put those black flats away and make room for colourful ballet flats.

9. Boyfriend jeans
My boyfriend hates my boyfriend jeans, his reasoning- too baggy. Sorry gents, but boyfriend jeans are here to stay till the end of time (luckily for me). Other than my winter shorts, boyfriend jeans are definitely my other signature look. You can easily dress them up or down, comfy and super versatile. 

10.Coloured pants
Opt for refreshing vibrant hues when it comes to your pants this spring. Now is the time to add colour in your life.

*Another spring trend of 2015 worth mentioning are culottes. The only reason why I did not include it in my list is because I always try to keep my list with classic items that you will keep in your closet even after the season has passed. Trends come and go, and unless you think a trend can find leeway for seasons to come, I stay away from adding them to my closet. Unless of course I really love an item.


March 5, 2015

Travel Diary - Day Trip to Pisa

Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni

Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni

Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni


Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni, leaning tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa 
Pisa, Italy, travel,destination, bijuleni

Bonjorno my cyber flâneurs. Getting a bit tired of the cold weather over here and as we are all ready to pack and say goobbye to the winter blues, I have created a 4 part series of my travels to Italy. If you want to visit Northern Italy and you are debating which season to go, I would highly recommend spring time. I have been both during the spring and summer time, and by far my spring trip was much better. Summers get too hot, humid and overcrowded. First up of the 4 part series is Pisa. I've spoken with many friends and we are all in agreement that a day trip to Pisa is sufficient. Rumours are true, there is not much to do there other than visit the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli. But I always say you can find a little bit of heaven in each place you visit. 

Anyone planning a trip to Italy soon?


March 2, 2015

Mellow Bambi

My cyber flâneurs , long awaited March is finally here, which can only mean one thing - so close to spring. Starting of the new month with pastel hues and an animal sweater, I am looking forward to adding more colour in my life. This animal sweater is one of my favourites, not only because of the beautiful hue of mint, but I also have a soft spot for all animal sweaters. I've come to refer to this as my "Bambi" sweater. Please if you come across more animal sweaters give me a shout, because they are adorable.

Jacket: Winners (old), Skirt: Winners, Animal Sweater: Target, Heels: J.Crew, Purse: Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses: Paul Smith (Winners), Earrings/Rings: Forever21, Bracelets: Forever21, Kate Spade, Watch: Michael Kors

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