February 26, 2015

Travel Diary - Meteora, Greece

Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, the most popular destinations when travelling to Greece. But there are some other less popular destinations within Greece that are definitely worth exploring. First up is Meteora. Situated in Northern Greece near the town of Kalampaka, Meteora is one of the largest monastery complexes in Greece. Monastery after monastery, six in total to be exact, your day of touring will be overtaken with spiritual adrenaline and the desire to elevate your connection to the higher power of the unknown. The rock pinnacles, I believe were created 60 million years ago. Essentially Meteora are a residual mass of sandstone. Their creation has something to do with fluvial erosions and earthquakes, but don't take my word for it. I would love to share specifics of its history, but I am afraid that is a little research project you will have to take on your own, since I am no history expert.

bijuleni, travel, Greece, Kalampaka, Meteora
meteora, greece, bijuleni
The sandstone peaks are incredible. Even though spectacular in pictures, the feeling you get when you see them in person is sublime.  

Monastery Rousanou
Outlook from the Monastery of Holy Trinity

bijuleni, travel, meteora, greece, kalampaka, monastery
The monasteries are actually built on the rock pinnacles which can go up to 1800ft high, that is equivalent to a 166 story condo. So if you're afraid of heights like I am, this is a challenge you will be glad you put yourself through and conquered. Meteora does that to you.
Monastery of Great Meteoron, in order to reach the top where the monastery is build, you have to walk through a series of  tunnels dug inside the rock.  In the past, monks used ladders and ropes to climb up and down. 
meteora, greece, kalampaka,bijuleni,travel
View from Monastery of Great Meteoron 

bijuleni, Greece, travel, Meteora, Kalampaka
Town of Kalampaka

Monastery of Varlaam in the background 
Has anyone else been here? This place had been on my top 10 list of places to go, would anyone else consider to visit?
Stay tuned for more Travel Thursdays my cyber flanuers! 


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  1. Unfortunately, I've never been...so far!It is definitely going to be on my next destination list! The view looks stunning!


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