February 25, 2015

Estée Lauder - Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation

I used Clinique foundation throughout my teen years, but about two years ago switched over to Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place foundation. Double Wear is now my holy grail
foundation. Even though I want to urge every girl to buy it, I always recommend using a sample first. We all have different skin types, and even though this foundation does miracles for me, it may not for you. With that said, my skin is sensitive, semi oily in the summertime and very dry in the winter.

Quick Overview

Full coverage but looks natural and is lightweight 
                    Foundation has an SPF10 (ideal for preserving your skin from sun damage)
                                                       Great for oily/acne prone skins
                                                           Coverage lasts +19 hours

I apply my foundation at 7am and don't take it off until I go to bed which is usually around 1am (my days are excrucientally long). Even after so many hours, my makeup is still flawless. Two small dubs on my index finger are enough for each cheek and to also use for the forehead, lip area and chin. If you add more it will still look natural, but there is no need. You are just wasting make up. I also apply the foundation on my face with my fingers, so if you are using a brush/sponge you may or may not need a bit more. Blending is phenomenal since foundation does not set quickly and the matte finish is a great element.

It's your makeup and you will cry if you want to

Another plus is that the foundation does not come off when you cry. Yes, I shed a tear once in a while, but even for those uncontrollable tear bursts, the foundation will still be there. In place. Like your marathon of tears never happened. You can also have a power nap or a long nap, if you want to. Wake up 4-6 hours later and your little Estée Lauder foundation face will still be intact. I have never reapplied my makeup after naps. 

Can't touch that

My rule of thumb is never touch your face throughout the day, and I mean NEVER! That is also an additional reason as to why my Double Wear does not rub off until I finally wash my face at night.   

The price

If you are on a budget the foundation is a bit pricey. I buy mine from the The Bay and the cost is $44 +tax. Don't say no just yet. You only need to apply small amounts of the foundation even for full coverage if you have acne prone skin. If you use foundation every single day, like I do, the foundation bottle will last you approximately 3- 4 months. 

To sum it all up, if you want a long lasting foundation that is perfect for oily/acne prone skin and has excellent coverage, I highly recommend Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place. You will not regret using it!

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